Our Office is Teal (Jacksonville-Jaguars-Teal)

When my summer vacation begin, I was foaming at the mouth at the idea of painting ALL the rooms in our house and have everything decorated and furnished and beautiful and ready and awesome and wow and etc by the end of the summer. And then Nick said, ENOUGH ELISA ENOUGH WITH THE CRAZINESS.

And he’s right… so we’ve decided to focus on a room until it is finished and then move on to the next room, and so on.

Last spring, we painted our office TEAL. We tried out four different paint colors before finding this perfect shade.

Why teal?

We were inspired by this photo from CB2:

still looking for the perfect yellow chair...

still looking for the perfect yellow chair...

We finally found the perfect shade (Sherwin Williams’ Intense Teal) and painted the whole office with it.

And then bought some window flat panel curtains from IKEA and got all excited.

And then left the room alone for a long while. (sigh)

We got back to it, but then we ultimately decided to focus on the living/dining rooms for now because it’s the first thing people see. It’s definitely next on our list…

It’s SO important to finish that room. All of our books are still in boxes, taking over our game room upstairs, and all of our important papers are just in stupid piles.

Since it was the first real home project we took on, we wanted to show you that before moving on to our dining/living room’s progress.


ignore the spots - mr. camera's fault


white looks good with teal

What we’ve done in that room thus far:

– took off the closet door and painted our closet teal; the closet will become our bookcase

– put up two black magnet boards and a dry erase board

– bought a few yellow accessories

– got a cute light fixture and installed it

– grumbled about office chair prices

Since this room is put on hold, that’s all I’ll show you of that office for a while now. We plan to put up two black shelves and two black cabinets and THEN add black shelving to our closet/bookcase.

We like black for wooden furniture instead of the usual brown. But it’s hard to find black furniture! If you have any ideas where we can find great black furniture other than IKEA, throw them our way!

Just typing this makes me want to run up to the office and smile and bask in all the teal-ness. GO JAGUARS! (please don’t suck so much this year, please please pretty please)


4 Responses

  1. The wall color in the last 2 photos look different; it’s all about the lighting indeed. If you find a furniture you like, you could paint it black.

    How about throwing in some white shelves in the closet to balance the color contrasts. Rather than everything being black and teal in the room. Just a thought =)

  2. Abso love it!!! I’m with you in painting rooms in colors, instead of those stupid neutral colors. I’m so jealous of your Jaguars color, it’s fun and makes me want to hang out there! Even thru I probably would trip over the aforementioned piles of paper, and you wouldnt want that. 🙂

    Keep on painting and updating us!

  3. Rachy – i thought the same about the white shelves! but Nick is insisting on black shelves… At least we do have some white right now, in the picture that we got for the room and the map we will add, as well as maybe a white chair.. and some bright yellow accessories. Hope that will work!

    Tawny – 😀 I hope you don’t consider gray a stupid neutral color, we’ve got big plans for gray in our house 🙂

  4. haha, I def don’t consider gray a neutral color. I realized that could be misunderstood after I posted ha. I was speaking of more what apartments require you to paint the walls before you move, that sort. 🙂 Mine’s cream- and admit it’s not too bad, but wanna more colorful walls when I have a house.

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