Everything Ain’t Black or White

Gray. Gray. Gray. Grey. Gray.

Before we even moved into our house, we knew that we would have gray in our house.

Especially the living room.

We thought it was classic, simple, elegant. With black furniture. And white accessories, with one pop color.

And we did it!

But before we could go crazy with our paintbrushes, we had to decide on a shade of gray…

Let me tell you, there’s around 738 shades of gray (and 894 shades of white, which is DUMB and CRAZY and WHAT).

So we (blindly) chose three shades of gray from our paint swatches… We wanted a cool shade of gray, not a warm shade of gray (which reminded us of taupe… not our style).

there'e three shades here. yes, three. look closely.

there'e three shades here. yes, three. look closely.

And then we gave it a week to look at it and decide on which color we liked the best. We painted these samples on different walls in the living room so we could see it under different lights (you can buy paint samples these days, which is much cheaper than buying a gallon of paint you don’t like. It cost us $5 per sample at Sherwin Williams).

Then we made a decision!

Which shade do you think we chose?

(and I know I use parentheses way too much… I bet I talk like this in real life… I feel bad for my students) (and my friends) (and my husband) (and my cats)

(in case you didn’t realize, I made up the total numbers of the paint shades… but I’m sure my guesses are close)


3 Responses

  1. Lady, i love grey too and I bet you chose the 2nd shade. The 1st seems too dark and the 3rd one is too close to white. Tell, tell..

  2. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I pick the first one! It’s such a lovely coloUr but since you mentioned that you wanted a cool shade of gray but sadly i must go with the second one as well. :?)

  3. gulps – now im confusing myself. I’ve seen it…2nd one? Or it was 1st?

    I hope it was 1st, it’s the COLOR I’d go with. Haha.

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