Living in Grayiness

The answer to the previous post:

We chose both the first two shades.

What the…?

The second shade, we picked for our living room — and saved the first shade for our bedroom! Looks good in the photo but in person, it looked a bit too dark but perfect for a moody, chill bedroom.

So we painted the living room. It turned out to be kind of a bluish gray. I can’t believe how a shade can look so different from a nice-sized swatch on the wall (and we painted that swatch on two different walls) to a FULL blown shade on ALL of the walls. It looked lighter, bluer, but we loved it and thus it stays – a bluish gray living room.

When I say “we” in the above sentence. I mean me and mom. Mom was here in Austin that week.Ā  Nick was away at a softball tournament so it was just me and mom laboring away and inhaling all that paint VOCs.

the boring before

the boring before

all tarped up

all tarped up

Mom attacked the ceiling line with a TINY brush and slowly and carefully cut in without tape. Wow. I wish I had a picture of her doing that hard work. But instead I have this corny photo of me with an alien-shaped head.



Now I’m looking at this picture – the gray in that photo is much darker than what the color is on my walls right now.

I am basking in blue-grayiness right now as I’m typing this. Full photo of the blue-grayiness coming soon.

And to tide you over till then,Ā  here are some plans for the living room:

Not everything will be purchased, but you get a general idea of where I want to go… (but the gray-black-purple-teal color scheme has been replaced with gray-black-GOLD-teal)



6 Responses

  1. Love love the mood board! Where do you find that stuff? And no, I haven’t looked hard. šŸ™‚ Reminds me of my livingroom, only it’s choc brown and sea green. (my vocabulary for colors needs to improve. šŸ™‚

  2. Some of my fave stores – CB2, zGallerie, IKEA as well as budget friendly places like Target and WalMart..


  3. Cool, never heard of CB2 and zGallerie before- are both online only?

    Btw abt rugs- I like the first one but if its shag, then go with Dw2, or maybe the teal one? hmm hard to say really! Maybe see what is “needed” after everything is finished- more of this color or what would “finish” it best?

  4. CB2 has some stores in LA and NYC but otherwise can order online… I haven’t even bought anything from them yet but I definitely plan to. Check out their website.

    Z Gallerie has stores all over, check them out, chances are you can go to one of them in one of your local malls. They have reasonable priced eclectic stuff..

  5. […] the left is sporting a very light gray shade (it looks whiter in person) that we considered for our living room back in the day, but passed over. The middle one is proudly wearing a Scrub color, but it looks so much better on […]

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