The Arches

When we first saw a model house of our floorplan (which is called Triumph), we immediately fell in love with it.

Four bedrooms. Three full bathrooms. A game room. Two floors, which means a bigger backyard (we need all the inches we can get). Nice sized L-shaped kitchen. A open floor plan on the first floor.

But at first, we didn’t think it was that open. Because there’s three arches dividing the living room and the dining room. We liked the look, but felt that it might look better and more open without the arches. The arches don’t provide structural support, so we could remove it without worrying about the house falling down like the London Bridge. However, we gave it some thought and decided that the arches made our house unique and charming.

the arches

the arches (and half of nick)

When we painted our living room a blue-ish gray, we liked how the unpainted, white arches stood out from the gray walls. So, we decided to take a risk and paint the arches a DARK gray. We looked at the paint strip (swatch? you know the thin paper things with different colors on them, on a .. ugh my painting vocabulary needs to improve) with our living room gray color and went down the strip to the darker gray colors. There are five shades of gray on that paint strip, and our living room gray color is the second color on that strip. We went ahead and picked the fourth color (the fifth was so dark it was almost black) and painted a swatch on one arch.

I thought, “I’m so afraid. This might be too dark.” But Nick shook his head and stuck to his manly decision and said that the dark gray color was PERFECT.

So we went ahead.

And I love it.


the arches, take two (where's nick?)

They look a bit lighter in that picture than in real life. They are dark and dramatic and contrasts nicely with the white trim. I think we need a better camera to accurately show you what our paint colors look like…

You can see the bluish gray color on the wall on the right. The front arch looks like a light gray color due to the camera flash, but the left arch and the left wall is a better representation of the gray color.

As you can see, we also painted the dining room wall a gold color. More on that later, and our inspiration for that color… (Hint: Swedish meatballs)

One more picture of the arches… and yours truly.

my head looks a little less alienish here, whew

my head looks a little less alienish here, whew

Yeah, that wall on the left (the stairs is behind the wall) is unpainted. It is still unpainted as of now. That was supposed to be done yesterday (saturday). What did we do instead? I read half of a book and finished it. Nick watched college football. No regrets, it just means more work this week 🙂


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