Our Current Dilemma

We have our gigantic tv set all assembled and ready and smiling.

But we have yet to mount our 42-inch tv.

a small piece of our tv set

a small piece of our tv set

We have the tv mount ready – just lacking the know-how and a trip to Lowe’s. I’m kind of scared to drill holes in the tv set but Nick is confident (I think he’s secretly scared, too).

All I know is that we need to go to Lowe’s soon. And overcome our crippling fear.

I’ve had enough having two tv sets in my living room. Yes, TWO! The big tv set is on the wall, practically empty, with our old LACK (ikeatalk) tv set in the front with the tv standing on it.

I would show you a picture, but I am confident that you are using the reading strategy of picturing so well that you are seeing in your head exactly what I’m looking at right now in my living room. Right?

(Yes, I teach reading strategies)

(Real reason of the lack of a picture – we don’t have the right USB thingy to transfer pictures from our camera to this laptop, true story, a trip to Best Buy is also in order)


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