Framing the Boob Tube

We admit it, we love a good TV. That little box shows everything from violent football games to thought-provoking movies to mind-numbing reality tv shows. On a trip to an outlet Sony store, we bought a 42-inch flat-screen TV on a whim (it was too good of a deal to pass up) and we love it.

But a thing of such beauty needs to be surrounded by beauty.

We looked and looked for a nice tv set that we would be happy to look at everyday…

We went to many furniture stores but a lot of tv sets looked too boring or too old-fashioned, but most of them was just plain BORING. They looked all the same.

Until we saw the perfect specimen at IKEA. {Oh, IKEA, people say that you’re cheap and low-quality but we disagree – you’re modern and fun and well-priced. Of course, you have some furniture that should be only seen in college apartments, but you have some great items, too.}



Immediately, we said, THIS IS THE ONE. Love at first sight. The lights at the top! The sliding doors! The pictures inserts on the cabinet doors!

But it was out of stock. For weeks! We kept on calling and calling and waiting until it came into stock and in the black color we wanted. Then finally, o happy day, it came into stock and we zoomed over to Round Rock and made the big purchase.


And then we waited weeks and weeks before we finally put it up. Sometimes I just don’t understand ourselves.



Here’s what our “tv wall” in our living room looked like before. Old IKEA tv set from my old apartment, the beautiful tv, and a cool vase of golden straws (a cool wedding gift from Nanette). You can see our cool bluish-gray paint on the wall.



Ok, on to work. First – untangle all the cords behind our tv. We have lots of cords that are like 10 feet long when we only need like inches long. Really smart, I know.

the wolf and the cowboy

the wolf and the cowboy

After pulling our cats out from the tangle and throwing balls in the direction of the dining room so they would leave us alone, we got back to work. Anytime we do anything around the house, the cats think its time to play.

Elisa and Nick painting the walls? Let’s jump into the paint tray and get paint all over ourselves! NO NO A BATH?? NOOOO!!

Elisa and Nick assembling a chandelier for the bedroom? Let’s play with all the diamonds and little things and chew on them!!

Elisa falling asleep on the bed with the laptop still on? Let’s play with the keyboard and destroy it! (Three of my keyboard buttons are still missing… I suspect they’ve been swallowed by the troublemakers.)


blank canvas.

blank canvas.


hard at work.

The tv set is actually different pieces stacked together. Later, we will get screws and whatnot to secure everything together.


Finally, we’re done…

Top Model Nick

Top Model Nick

For now.

still a long way to go.

still a long way to go.

Things we still have to do:

– Put in screws and a tv mount (we already have the tv mount) into the tv set so we can hang the tv (you still can see our old tv set in front of the new tv set, holding the tv. it’s so dumb – I have to hold the remote really low for it to connect with the DVR).

– Put in sliding doors

– Put in shelves

– Purchase two cabinet doors and put art in them, like the model at IKEA

– Buy a lotta more accessories

– Add lights at the top of the tv set to shine down on the accessories

– Take pictures and blog about it

bright happy o' new day

bright happy o' new day

We like how it looks now! We will have to decide whether we want to add another level to the top of the tv set… We loved the three “levels” on the model at IKEA, but our ceiling is just three inches too low for the third level. Frown. We could get a smaller cabinet to put on the top for a more built-in look, but right now we’re thinking about just adding more accessories, like vases and plants, on the top to balance everything out.

I also want a giant green plant on the right side of the tv set (near the window). But the tiny plant I got got destroyed and eaten up by the cats. And I basically killed an unkillable cactus somehow (I think I have a bluish-gray thumb, not a green one). So we’ll see about that…


4 Responses

  1. ^_^ fab pick.
    look like that tv is too large to be installed inside? or its my eyes being fooled…

    that old tv set you have, can be used as table set or side table, to put in good use?! 🙂

  2. heh yeah the pictures above make the tv look too big but actually it will fit – it’ll be a very narrow fit though but it WILL fit 🙂

    old tv set, yess I agree we should reuse it – probably for our game room upstairs 🙂

  3. awesome pick.

    about the cats: how do you have the patience of the saints?? or you do scream at them?

    • They’re too cute for us to be annoyed by them, but we try to teach them right from wrong with a spray of water or two 🙂 sometimes we do scream NOOOO when they put their claws on our bedroom drawers, *sigh*

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