The Windows Are Taunting Us

We added several upgrades to our house when it was being built, such as recessed lighting in the kitchen and gutters for the front of the house, but we declined to upgrade our window blinds. We could have upgraded to wooden window blinds, but we wanted to choose our own blinds instead of being limited to whatever choices Centex (our builder) had to offer.

So, when we moved in, we had this on all of our windows:



Cheap white plastic blinds.

Thanks for the free blinds, but no. No.

We wanted something dark and cooler. But you know, even a cardboard window covering would be cooler than plastic white blinds, y’know? So we thought that would be easy to find.

After a trip to IKEA, we had this:

Cool. Simple, understated, and it was gray!

But when we put it up, it wasn’t dark anymore due to the shining sun and it just looked… BLAH.

*rolls eye* (yes, one eye. it wasn’t even worth two eyes.)

We already patched up all the little holes around the windows so we couldn’t put the white shutters back in the living room windows.

Remember when I said cardboard would be cooler than plastic white blinds?





What do you think?


the blue tape's a nice touch

the blue tape's a nice touch


As much as we enjoy looking at THAT, we’re still searching for the perfect window treatments. We’re thinking about black/very dark brown faux wooden blinds (you won’t believe how EXPENSIVE blinds are!) but we’re not sure if that would be too dark, since we already have a very dark TV set.

Decisions, decisions.


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