Making a Good First Impression

We made progress this weekend! 🙂

(I’m so happy that I’m not even going to mention that we only did two tasks out of the four we planned on doing this weekend)

We painted our entryway! Foyer! Landing strip! Whatever you want to call it!

The color: The same gray we used in our living room – Sherwin Williams’ Gray Screen.



Ignore the cheap vinyl flooring. That will be hardwood soon sometime later.


Ignore Tala. I have no idea why she’s smelling the outlet?!


All taped up and ready to go! Geez, sometimes taping feels like it takes longer than the actual painting. We have got to remember to try to tape everything up the day before we paint, so we don’t get bored and tired before even dipping a brush into paint!

(Let’s play I Spy.. Do you Spy one of our cats in the above picture?)


Go, Nick! Work that roller!

We like the little rollers better than the regular ones. The littler ones splatter less, result in less lap lines (the lines in the paint caused by rollers when they have too much paint or when you press too hard on the wall), are less tiring to use, and are just plain CUTER.



That’s so much better than the stark and unfinished white look before the paint. It looks calm and cool. I especially like how the white trim pops against the gray.


But, of course, it’s still unfinished. Nothing ever gets finished in this house.

After the first coat, I got to thinking about what we could do with the entryway. We usually dump our shoes there when we arrive from work and then the pile just builds up until Nick sullenly picks up his shoes and brings them upstairs and I sullenly follow suit. We need some kind of organization in the area, as well as some… beauty.

So, I went looking for inspiration.

First stop: The new Pottery Barn catalog, got through the mail last Friday.

Picture 5

Cute! A bit woodsy, but… Worth a try. Let’s see how it looks with our gray house…?


A bit too country for our taste… Moving on…

…to IKEA. They’re especially designed for small spaces and our entryway is NARROW.

I’ve been considering this combo for awhile ever since I saw it in our IKEA store (yes, it is OURS).


Time to finally see how it’d look in our house…



Next, please.



Uhmm. I would lose the white shelf and move the mirror up a bit, but I’m not loving the white… And it looks weird and.. Blah.

IKEA.. Will you fail me today? Or is third time the charm?



That’s it, we’re not doing any kind of white (or cream) furniture in our entryway. It just looks wrong. But I kind of like that mirror though. Something with mirrors…

Out of despair, I tried googling “entryway ideas” and came up with this photo from…

Picture 6

And I googled “console table” and got a picture of this cute table from



Now that finally has real potential!

Since our entryway is pretty narrow, I thought of another option –


A floating shelf would work well. But Nick has a good point – more chance for us (and guests) to bump against the shelf if it doesn’t have legs. I don’t know why, but it makes sense to me.

We’re still not sure – but this we do know:

– Black furniture for the entryway is required

– A mirror (or mirrors) is required

– Enough obsessing over the entryway (Nick’s requirement, not mine)


11 Responses

  1. I truly admire the amount of photoshopping and thoughts put into this. It does work. An idea (i’ve watched enough of HGTV to come up with this), there is “wasted space” underneath the stairs. You could knock in the walls for built in shelves or something. Why didn’t the developers do that? More time consuming in a quickie house-booming project rather than thinking of 1 house at a time.

  2. Ohhh, the foyer! Got it now. It looks good! I like it!

    Rachy’s comments about wasted stairs – true, I didn’t think of that. I don’t think it would be possible with Elick’s place thou? The outlet’s right there.

    Floating shelf – Nick has a point. I just can imagine myself having a huge black-purplish bruise right next to my hip bone. Ouch.

  3. It doesnt have to be a huge built-in shelf all the way to the floor— can be like the floating shelves from ikea, but dug out of the wall… built in.

  4. im afraid to tell you this – i’ve gone to dozen houses, few have a ‘entryway’ and I ALWAYS bumped to things when talking, not paying attention or other reason to do so?

    I do love mirrors and thin table aganist the wall is a good combo!
    if you hesitates to have table as well, here’s one idea?

  5. Yes, I agree Rach! I totally want to use that wasted space under the stairs. But that will cost money and time and although thats in our plans for the future, I want to make it at least look nice for the time being 🙂

    NICEE table! Thanks for the idea, masshuu! Wonder how much that one costs…

  6. I just happened to stumble across your blog today and I LOVE IT! Our styles are soooo similar and, like you, I work on a budget and updating our new home (of 2 years) is something that my husband and I do together. I am currently planning to do our entryway. It’s a long narrow hallway with little light and I have been SEARCHING for the set of 3 mirrors that you have above the floating shelf. Where did you get them? I must have them!

  7. LisaS, these mirrors are great!! Are you buying them?

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