Not As Simple As It Mounts

Remember our tv set?

We finally mounted the TV… and it was NOT SIMPLE.

Here’s the before:


Yeah, it looks so dumb with an extra tv set in front of our new tv set.

First step:


Removing the stand from the tv. Now we have a lonely stand. Any ideas what we could do with that stand?


Cute mount from IKEA. Everything from IKEA is cute, even their screws.


I’m so glad I married a math teacher. Honestly, it comes in handy EVERYDAY. Measure the TV mount? Sure, that’s easy. What’s the tip? Sure, that’s easy. What’s 1/4 of a 3/4 cup? Sure that’s… Hey we have a magnet on the refrigerator for that.


Here, I was holding the mount as steady as I could, waiting for Nick to drill the holes. Then I looked over and saw him clicking away on the camera. Hey… My muscles are working here! (They seem to be missing from that photo)


ELISA: I’m scared…

NICK: You can do it.


ELISA: I’m doing it!

NICK: *waits*

ELISA: Now the drill won’t go through the hole anymore…

NICK: You’re holding it too high.

ELISA: *lowers the drill*

NICK: Too high, stop holding it too high.

ELISA: *lowers drill some more*



Interesting fact: That expression Nick has on increases his man-strength.


(A shout-out to Mike – THANKS for lending us your drill!) (If you ever read this, that is)


The calm before the storm. Seriously.

After vacuuming up all the sawdust, we rolled up our figurative sleeves and got ready to put the TV on the mount. Should be easy, right? Yeah suuuuuuuuuuuure.

We STRUGGLED to put the tv up for like an hour. Not kidding. That IKEA tv mount may be cute, but it’s deadly. We tried various methods, all resulting in more and more scratches on the tv set.

Advice #1: Tape towels to the corners of the TV to prevent scratching. Good thing we have a handy tiny (and cute) pail of IKEA black paint.

We even tried taking off the mount and fitting it to the TV, then putting up the mount with the tv attached.

Advice #2: Don’t do this. It doesn’t work well.

We put the mount back on and I went behind the tv set and guided the tv to the mount through the hole in the tv set as Nick used his muscles to hold the tv all on his own.

Advice #3: Marry a jock.

I present the AFTER:


It might not look all that much different, but trust me it is way better and the living room feels so much larger now.

I think that’s enough on that tv set. There’s a lot to be done, from the sliding doors to the shelves and accessories, but we’ll show that once its done instead of torturing you with details of every vase choice and strategetic placements of shelves.

Next up – the chandelier! Remember this? We decided to move it from the living room to another room. Care to take a guess where?


3 Responses

  1. im no jock, yet I think I can handle it! [laughs] k, ignore me.

    the tv set look awesome now without tv stand – good luck with decisions on choices for shelves. [vases, that is – word of advice, pick contrast colors you like, i already seen dark color vases on top?]

  2. yeah the accessories that you see are totally random. we don’t wanna it looking BLANK until we get the accessories that we like, so we just grabbed a few things we had in other rooms and put ’em up 😀

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