The Color Purple

Our wedding was awesome. Our theme was PURPLE, white, DIAMONDS, coolness. Naturally, we want to remember the day we became one and put these colors in our most romantic room of the house: the master bedroom.

Hence, this moodboard….

Master Bedroom

1. Our color scheme for the room and design plans for the accent wall (one wall purple with the design, other walls gray); 2. Ashley Furniture, purchased; 3. ZGallerie; 4. Gift from MOM! This chandelier is a close replica of what I have; 5. West Elm. 6. IKEA, purchased; 7. IKEA, purchased; 8. Engagement picture; 9. Urban Outfitters; 10. ZGallerie; 11. IKEA, purchased.

Wow. We have seven out of 11 items on this moodboard! Very cool.


5 Responses

  1. ahh, add GOLD!


    please. 🙂

    looks nice btw.

    • lol – sorry, our purple isn’t the garish purple of the vikings… besides our house already is committed to the Jacksonville Jaguars, as per our office with the teal walls 😀 Plus, our garage has grand plans which include the Eagles, the Phillies, and of course the Jaguars.

  2. Love it. How much time do you put into developing a moodboard?

    • I add to moodboards little by little over time. If I sat down and created one from scratch, it would take a couple of hours. Which, unfortunately, I often can’t do. It’s fun to do and fun to dream of our house’s future…

  3. […] This time, it’ll be in our master bathroom. It’ll go well with our purple bedroom. […]

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