Crooked No More!

We moved into the house with this UGLY chandelier.


Very crooked. Because Nick and his big head broke it.


So boring and blah. Now it is finally time for our new chandelier to break out of its box…

it's looking at us, waiting...

And be strewn all over the floor… And hopefully not eaten by Vaquero…


New Chandelier, meet your new home…


Nick introduces the Chandelier to the Hole…


Until Elisa cannot hold up the Chandelier anymore. So they switch…


Almost done.. Just gotta tuck in the wires…


Screw in the screws… And we’re done!!


So happy, so gleaming, so new!


We love how the light reflects off the ceiling – very dramatic!

Good night, old chandelier. You will rise again… But not with us…


Ahh, that’s done and over with. What’s next?

Many thanks to Mom Kathi who took pictures while we put up the chandelier. She spent the weekend with us for her birthday and it was a lot of fun! XOXO


3 Responses

  1. Just came across your blog, so cute! Where did you get this pretty chandelier? I’ve been looking for something like it, hopefully reasonably priced… I thought I’d skip the shades and just do the round “Hollywood” bulbs. Thanks, Amy

    • I got it at Ashley’s Furniture – I don’t know if they still sell it, since i bought it three years ago, but you could always check! I think we got it for around $200. Good luck with your search and thanks for visiting, come back anytime!

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