Organized Jewerly

One bright happy day around 30 years ago, I was searching the ‘net for how to assemble something IKEA. I stumbled into this great site – IKEAhacker.


They hack IKEA furniture to turn them into something else or the same thing, only cooler. Hacks can range from simply giving something a paint job to actually building something completely different using IKEA parts.

And I found this post:

Angie’s George Nelson Inspired Jewerly Cabinet

Finally, a great idea for all of my earrings and necklaces! So, I zoomed to IKEA and bought three Fira drawers.

Left them in our bedroom for a few weeks.

Primed them.

Left them alone for a week.

Then Nick and I got to work and gave them all a coat of black paint.


And they’ve been waiting ever since for their second coat and a few coats of polyurethane. (No, they’re not still on the floor – they’re in our bedroom, smiling along with our chandelier, on the floor)

And my necklaces have been badly tangled ever since.

And then I saw this: Procrastinator Proclamations


So my deadline is October 20.

Cool…. *glup*


2 Responses

  1. it’s now october 20th..

  2. I know.

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