Avocado Skins, Zucchini Ends, & Eggshells

We LOVE avocado. We eat them almost everyday. We probably throw away around three avocado skins and seeds every week.

And we eat a LOT of vegetables. And fruit. And other foods with odd bits and eats that we can’t eat.

And we throw them away in the trash… to be hauled off to landfills. That’s so wasteful!

I’ve been meaning to find a way how to put a compost bin of some kind in our kitchen. We could make a huge compost bin to put in our backyard, but our backyard isn’t that big and I’m not ready to go there.

Since I’m lazy, I tried researching to see what options are out there that I can just buy.

I started with my favorite kitchen store: Williams-Sonoma.

Ceramic Compost Pail

Ceramic Compost Pail from Williams-Sonoma, $32.00

Stainless-Steel Compost Pails

Stainless-Steel Compost Pails from Williams Sonoma, $49.95-69.95

Not too bad – But they’re not really composters. They just hold your scraps until you can put them in your REAL compost bin. I want a real composter that I can just leave in the kitchen.

I’ll try asking my trusty friend: Google.

I found this:

Nature Mill Composter, $299

Wow. This is fancy. It mixes the compost for you every four hours, has continuous air flow, a carbon filter that removes odors, can be used indoors, holds up to 120 lbs of food waste, and a red light that turns on when the compost is ready to be used for your lawn or your garden. Wow.

(AND it can handle kitty litter. That part is kind of weird.)

But it’s $299!

No wonder they have this couple who’s eating dinner and drinking wine at home WHILE STILL WEARING THEIR WORK CLOTHES. And throwing away half of their dinner. And laughing about it.


Back to googling. Found this cool website, www.treehugger.com, and read this article about composters. Most of them are designed for outdoors use, but I scrolled down and read the comments.

Always read the comments. They always provide you with more information. (Except when you’re reading ew.com… too many whiners on there.)

One of the comments helped me find this:

Indoor Bokashi Composter, $69.99

This composter uses a different process than most composters – this one uses fermentation (like pickles).

Size: 16 inches tall and 10 inches wide. Not too bad, not that big, but it won’t fit under my kitchen sink, and that’s what I want.

And I’d rather spend 69.99 on something a bit prettier.

Finally, it’s time to stop being lazy. Let’s make our own compost bin!

With worms.

I can just buy a $15 (or less!) plastic bin with a lid from Wal-Mart, pick up a few newspapers, collect worms from a pet store for $3 (or get them free by waiting outside when it rains with an evil smile on my face), add some food waste from our dinners, and voila I have a composter!

The hardest part is actually doing it. But I will, soon. I hate throwing away coffee grounds, eggs, and chicken fat in the trash. It makes me feel guilty. It also makes our trash bin smell.

If you want to make your own compost bin and you don’t mind putting it outside and you don’t feel like spending a lot of moolah, read this great tutorial.

Why the heck am I talking about this? Well, because I want to. But why today? Today is Blog Action Day and bloggers from all over the world are blogging about climate change. Check out all the posts here.


4 Responses

  1. Fascinating… yes i would splurge $299 for a guilt-free trashcan and convenience. Yes, i’m getting one eventually. Thanks Elisa!

  2. Ohh wait.. if i splurge… maybe i should consider the kindle DX instead. LOL

  3. i vote for the kindle!

  4. I was itching to buy one since i first saw it on the History channel a couple years ago. finally got my own house and used part of the house tax credit to buy it (thank you, obama). i am loving it. i did not realize how much perfectly good organic waste we have been throwing in the landfill. its amazing. it takes some getting used to, though, but well worth it.

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