Good-Bye, Horse… Hello, Ram!

No, we aren’t talking about Denver Broncos or Indianapolis Colts. We are not talking about St. Louis Rams either.

This is all about cars.





We decided to say good-bye to our 1997 Ford Mustang.


Elisa had this mustang since her sophomore year at college. That was 2001.



She had 8 great years with this car.

However, I did have my Hyde and Jekyll relationship with this mustang. Pros: Smooth driving. Quick acceleration. Cons: Limited storage. Small backseats. Little this, little that. This was how I felt when we decided to trade this car.



We decided to trade the mustang in for a 2008 Dodge Caliber and hope that it will be good to us for next eight years or so.



We put our faith in our ram to serve us for a long time!


16 Responses

  1. wow.. hard to believe you’re letting your mustang go !!!! 😉

    yesss, the dodge caliber is veryyy roomy! it even got a cooler, right? 🙂

    enjoy the rideeeeeeee!

  2. Gorgeous color. I also noticed that the homes across the street are done! People moved in already???

  3. Niceee!!!
    Looks like the ram offers plenty of space in the back seat. I guess I will sit in the back of the car from now on! 🙂

  4. [hops] im happy for u guys – prolly nick is more thrilled about new ride!
    how did you guys decide on the color, am so curious! <33

    • Well, there was limited selections from CarMax – Nick originally wanted the blue one but I liked the white/pearl one.. but that was sold just before we were ready to buy, so it was either this blue or tan. The tan car didn’t feel right when we test-drove it, so we went ahead with the blue one. The color’s growing on me now, I like it!

  5. Really neat car!!! Keep it clean as always so it would continue looking new!!!!

  6. i love it, and a cooler?! you’re living the good life now, aren’t you?! 🙂 any chance you’ll be taking a roadtrip to california in that car this summer? a roadtrip out west, maybe??

    • haha.. no roadtrips this summer to calif, but we will definitely fly to the northwest (oregon, washington, canada) for Nick’s softball tourney this summer 🙂

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