The Forgotten Room

We’ve been so focused on the living/dining room areas that we’ve forgotten all about our teal office. But not to worry – it’ll be getting a lot of TLC in the days to come.

We’re finishing up the painting of the dining room, then as soon as we finish painting the kitchen, this room will get our full attention.

For now, here’s some pictures of what we added to the office (from last summer).


We debated how to measure and hang up the magnet boards and our calendar, and decided on cutting out paper bags to the same size as the boards and taping them up to the wall…


And using our laser to straighten everything up.

Our cats joined in the fun… Seriously, they follow us everywhere we go and they always manage to get themselves in trouble. Here’s Tala with her big innocent eyes.


Back to the project at hand. Nick just smashed nails right into the paper bags where we wanted them and then tore them away. Voila – the nails all ready and perfectly aligned!


Done! Well, not quite.


See all the blue tape. That’s our studs. Really weird placements… I thought our stud-finder might be malfunctioning, but we took a visit to a nearby construction and, yep, the studs are placed really really really weirdly. We’ll figure it out.

We’ll add shelving and some cabinets.


Gotta love Nick’s shirt – he dresses for the occassion!

We’ll add a lot of white and yellow accessories to brighten things up.

We’ve already got a lot of accessories all ready – just need to clean everything up and put up these shelves and cabinets and we’re good to go.

A sneak peek at some of our accessories:







And our painted closet/bookcase:


Maybe, once we’re finished with this room, we’ll finally be able to find every file we need. At least, that’s the plan!


4 Responses

  1. I like the color!

  2. so when do you feel you’ll be done with the whole house?

  3. maybe 34 years later

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