Bad News and Good News

Painting furniture is HARD.

Remember my jewelry drawer project? Not finished.

I did make progress, though! But the deadline was yesterday.

I say what? NO. I am not showing you what has been completed so far. It looks horrible and I think I will have to redo everything.

Maybe with spray paint. Definitely not gloss paint – it shows every beginner’s flaw. I don’t know, I will figure it out…..! I hope!!

I did get these CUTE drawer knobs, though —

drawerknobsFrom Anthropologie.

Yes, the same store I found this very cute orange chair that Nick didn’t like.

But good news!

When we were at the store, the chair was sitting there, smiling up at Nick. He sat in it. He had a straight face on.

I asked, “Do you like it?”

He smiled. “Yeah.”

It looks even better in person!

That makes me so happy that I almost forgot that I failed at my project. Almost. Ah.. I WILL FIX IT AND SHOW YOU MY SUCCESS. (even if it takes me months)

Meanwhile – if you’re hungering for some great before and afters by people who actually succeeded at their procrastination projects, click here.

Photo of drawer knob from here.


2 Responses

  1. hehe.. you’re hilarious! let me know when i should visit austin.. and it’s not giong to be 34 years later!

  2. […] for a week and then hiding them in our bedroom for a few more weeks and feeling like a loser as I failed to meet my goal for the Procrasinator’s Party, I decided to just START ALL OVER […]

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