What’s for Dinner?

I have two cat stories to share.

First story: this photo.

cat in ref

Second story: Vaquero (our male kitten) is very, very picky with his food. Tala (pictured above, our little lady) will eat anything and everything. I plan to do a scientific experiment with her soon – give her wet food after wet food and see how many cans it takes for her to finally stop eating.

Anyway. Today we gave them salmon and crab. Yum, right? But Vaquero just walked away from it. I tried telling him that refugee cats in Africa were starving but he wouldn’t listen. I KNOW for a fact that Vaq has eaten that canned food before, so I wasn’t giving up. I pushed the bowl back to him, he walked away, push, walk away, push, walk away.

I looked at Nick and we both shook our heads.

I finally gave up. I tried to at least be funny (that doesn’t always work) and pretended to eat from the cat bowl and maybe get Vaq to feel some jealousy. I made chewing sounds. Chomp, chomp. I looked up to Nick, laughed, and looked back to see Vaq walking towards me with determination.

Yep, it actually worked. Vaq ate the salmon and crab.

Do you have a picky pet? Just do what I did. Pretend to eat their food.


5 Responses

  1. I share your passion for movies, but i can imagine it would be brain-racking trying to think of a title to fit each blog. The movies that come to mind for this blog, whether they fit or not, are “The Aristocats” (don’t you just miss those Disney days??) and “Catwoman” (you!) 😉

    I take it back, it was easy using Netflix’s search tool.

  2. Yeah, it’s not THAT hard but I felt a bit corny doing it. And crafting titles is part of the fun of writing and I felt that was lost when I “forced” myself to use movie titles. But I can do it once in a while if the mood strikes 🙂

  3. that is hilarious! i’m totally trying that. i just hope i don’t swallow any iams accidentally…


  4. haha i do that too! i swear. i did that with billa, now “billy” and i did that with axel. 🙂 so i would have rooted for you when you “ate” their food. it’s a simple basic concept. nobody likes you eating their food.

  5. i did that with somebody’s kid- it works with kids too, ha.. 😉

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