BoConcept is Delicious

Do you know BoConcept? I just recently discovered them myself and I love that store. It is like a more expensive AND upgraded version of IKEA. Their prices aren’t as low as IKEA, though. I just might splurge on one or two of their items… or maybe five.

I really, really, really love their rugs! I’ve got my eye on one of their sectionals, as well. Check it out and see what you think.

How do I know BoConcept is great?

Yes, that’s Tala chewing on a BoConcept catalog. Yum.

You can find their catalog online as well. Not as delicious, but you could always print it out and chow down…?


One Response

  1. damn.. definitely my style.. too bad it’s too expensive for me- now i understand what my mom meant when she said i had expensive taste, hehe.. 😉

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