The Bones of the Office

We have two weeks off from work (one of the many perks of being a teacher AND married to another teacher) so we were able to make a lot of progress in our office.

We started the Great Teal Office Project by assembling the large vertical cabinet for our office (you’ll see it in the pics below) and discovering that we were missing one important screw – a special screw that can only be found at IKEA. Sigh… so we drove there. Got the screw (and we also bought a few small things, we can’t just take a 40-minute drive just for one small screw, can we?).

Back home, we assembled it and then we discussed about how to put up the cabinets. Our biggest concern was something that we never realized was a big concern – should the horizontal cabinet be flush with the wall or not? We couldn’t decide just based on holding up the cabinets (and scratching up the paint in the process), so I asked Mr. Photoshop.

This is shoddy photoshop, but that is not the point of this post. So, please, Matt, do not laugh.

Option #1: Flush with the wall?

Or Option #2: A Bit Away From the Wall?

Wow, this is riveting. RIVETING! Well, it was important to us. We decided we didn’t really like both options and we stared hard at the laptop monitor for a long while. Then I said, maybe…

And I added an extra horizontal cabinet:

Yeah. Looks much better. But do you know what that meant?

Another trip to IKEA.

But good news! We got a couple of cute decor for the living room, so that was another long drive that was worth it.

After a lot of screwing, drilling, measurements, re-screwing, re-drilling, stepped-on-cat-tails, and stud-finding, this is what our office looks like now!

All the bones are up! But definitely not done. We’re trying to find a big cool map-like poster thing to go over the magnet boards, find art and other practical boards to put under the cabinet, add a small desk to the right for scrapbooking and sewing (two hobbies I hope to get going on before I turn 90), add a small loveseat for reading, and put up window treatments.

Ah, the window treatments. Something that was supposed to be done by yesterday. But. Another missing part. Sigh…

What, mom? Yes, the game room (you can see it through the door) is very messy. The office threw up all of its stuff so we could make progress here, so that’s what we’ll be doing today – going through everything and organizing everything. FUN! At least, I hope we’ll find that missing part for the window treatment… One can only hope…


5 Responses

  1. I think you made a good decision to go with the extra cabinets… I just looove the room!

    I think what’d be awesome if you had a yellow chair to go with the room or yellow accents in the cabinets to complete the look… šŸ˜‰

  2. wow christy you read our minds! yes we are on the hunt for a craig’s list chair that we can reupholster and will be bringing in lots of white and yellow accents šŸ˜‰

  3. [not laughing] why should I?

    Oh, but one thing I HAVE to laugh – the cat’s tail is cut off? [chuckles]
    BEAUTIFUL office! [color is really appealing <3]

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  5. […] office is not done yet, but it has come a long way since the last time we showed you our progress! Since the room isn’t even close to being finished, I’ll show you photos of what it […]

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