What Five Bucks Can Get You

After months and months of searching for a cute desk chair on Craig’s List, we finally found the perfect candidate a few weeks ago. But we just can’t complete ANY home improvement/decor project without some kind of procrastination, so I thought this chair would be gone by the time I finally called the thrift store last weekend.

Whew, they still had it! And for $10. Off we went and we discovered a really gold mine in that little thrift store. We definitely will be back. And the store worker there was so nice – he immediately reduced the price to $5 as we were looking at the chair.

I really love the caramel color of the leather (a bit lighter and yellower than in this picture), but unfortunately it can’t be salvaged. We are on the lookout for upholstery fabric for the chair, preferably with some yellow in it. Seems like that’s a bit hard to find… Here’s what I found after a few hours of searching on the ‘net.

1. Chelsea Maize, Tonic Living; 2. Spade Damask in Sand, Joel Dewberry, Ebay; 3. Bloom in Sand, Joel Dewberry, Ebay; 4. Mustard yellow twill, Ebay; 5. Norma Organia, Tonic Living.

I think I like the first one the best. But maybe we should just go for a solid yellow fabric rather than a patterned one, to best show off the shape of the chair? I’ll take my time and be on the lookout for good fabrics this month since we plan to do all the purchasing and reupholstering (glup, my first one) next month. This month is still dedicated to organizing the office and research for something SO BIG coming up…

Do you know of other sources of upholstery fabric I could check out? That would be a big help! So far, the chair is much more comfy than it looks and I’m happy sitting in our beautiful teal office and doing my work there.

Tala loves that chair too – she slept on me for an hour while I worked last Sunday.


10 Responses

  1. That is so cool! I can image it would be more cool with yellow fabric covering!! I would choose number 4! ox

  2. I pick #1 :O)

    Wayne and I are going through the same thing you two are doing right now. Its fun!

  3. E and N-

    I think http://www.calicocorners.com is the place we went to get our chair reupholstered. It’s on Anderson Lane. Lots of cool fabric. Also, for a TON of local stores, you may want to check out: http://www.superpages.com/yellowpages/C-Fabric+Shops/S-TX/T-Austin/

    Happy hunting! It’s fun reading about your progress!


  4. That’s an awesome chair! I **love** the shape of it πŸ™‚ Before I read your preference, I thought the first fabric was the one I’d choose, too. I have a thing for lattice, though.

    Thanks for your thoughts about my fireplace. You’re very much the voice of reason – which is good for me πŸ™‚ My mom said the exact same thing you did, and it makes total sense. So, my plan is to paint the walls & paneling when the weather warms up, then I’ll show you guys another photo before I take a brush to the brick. Thanks so much!


  5. Except, that’s not really lattice πŸ™‚ But you know what I mean – lattice, diamond, diagonal intersecting lines. That kinda thing!

  6. Glad you all like the chair, we love it! Best $5 we’ve ever spent.

    Ann – THANK YOU SO MUCH for the info! We went to two of them last sunday and we had fun and we found fabric for a special project in our house! We THINK we have also found the perfect fabric for the chair, but we want to hit up a couple other places first before making the final decision πŸ™‚

  7. that design of the chair, ❀ your best $5, I agree.

    farbic – id pick #4 – solid is my thing but if your room is too busy [i.e. are you going to have a thrown rug, patterns or solid?] if nada, solid might make it stood out….dun know. ^_^

  8. number one! i picked number one before reading what you thought… yep!

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