I Quit Craig’s List

After getting so inspired by Little Green Notebook and her crafty Craig’s List hunting skills and Nuestra Vida Dulce’s fun Craig’s List searches in cities requested by her readers, I started stalking the website.

As you know, I got that cute desk chair — we also got more-functional-than-fab nightstands that cost only $10 each. Feeling like a master at Craig’s List, I hunted stealthy for one of the following: a cool console table for our entryway, a comfy chair for our office/library, and endtables for our living room.

I annoyed Nick more than 40 times last week, but at last – on a lazy saturday, Nick and I agreed to buy this cute-looking chair that was grayish blue with a brown trim that we planned to paint white. Only six months old, the ad said. Perfect… and only for $40? And they would deliver it for $10.

Excited, we waited and we went ahead and hung up our new mirror (TJ Maxx rocks.. more on that later) in our entryway and waited… And finally, a van pulled up.

A old, broken down van.ย  A van with two ratty mattresses on top. Two women came out of the van, looking tired and wearing old t-shirts. The older woman, who might be the mom, pulled out the chair from the back of her van. She put it down on the road and gestured to it, all proud.

It was dirty. And ugly. And not even grayish blue – it was closer to blue jean blue. And did I mention that it was dirty? No way this thing was six months old.

I looked at Nick, fully expecting him to say, “Please!” But instead, he said, “Okay, cool,” with a smile. Was I seeing the chair all wrong? Was it really not that bad?

I pulled out the $50 from my pocket and gave it to her. She seemed a bit shocked that I just gave the money to her. I didn’t know what to say – I felt bad that she had driven all this way here and I felt like she might have needed the money. Whatever, I’m obviously not good at bartering.

Nick and I carried it into the house and I could see the bottom of it was dirty – and there were leaves. Leaves?

I cleaned up the bottom immediately and started to tackle cleaning the upholstery, but I decided to spot test it with my favorite carpet cleaner. A small spot. When I wiped it off with white rag, it was unbelievable how much dirt ended up on the rag from a small spot on the back of the chair.

I did not want to touch it anymore. I walked to Nick and told him that it was filthy and that we would have to just reupholster it. Then for the rest of the night, I just sat, thinking what I could have done with $50 and reading blogs about other people’s decorating successes. That was fun.

But my sweet husband, the next day he agreed to go to a couple of fabric stores with me and actually got into it. We had a lot of fun looking at different fabrics and even though we haven’t found the perfect fabric for that ugly chair, I’m feeling a bit better about it now.

(I removed the cushion)

Well, not 100% yet. But I’ll try looking it as a good opportunity to practice my reupholstering skills. Well, if I have any skills. I don’t know yet. I haven’t reupholstered anything yet. Not even anything small. I hope I won’t waste a lot of money in the progress. GULP.

In all – I’m way too soft-hearted and wimpy to do Craig’s List. I think I’ll stick to thrift shops – we just discovered a really nice one last Sunday and I can’t wait to go back there…


7 Responses

  1. [raising my eyebrow] I think you guys might need me there, I’d puff my cigarette and shrugged “you got wrong house?”

    no, really – it’s not bad though, it just take more money to make it better, oui?

  2. Aww- was there a picture on the listing? Got a golden deal for a friend’s livingroom just a month ago- $800 for an entire livingroom set- including sofa, chair, coffee table, end table, and two gorgerous braised glass floor lamps. It was from a medical student who was moving to NC for an internship. Tips for CL- look at the location when the address is given, and require a picture! But thrift shops are more fun, anyways as evidenced with the $5 chair! Love it- can imagine it in yellow leather, which would be cool!

  3. @ vitay – another reason for you to move to Austin – to help us ward off bad deals ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, more money.. we’ll make the best out of it ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ tawny – great steal! yeah, there was a picture but it was a good picture, ha, or a blurry one that hid all the flaws, maybe? but good tips but i meant it when i said i quit CL. CL is great for many people, just not for me.. at least not this month ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. definitely lol. i agree with you- i suck with CL. i’m too soft-hearted for CL people, and they take advantage of people like us.. NO MORE CL!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Karma hit me- just got a fireplace poker set for $5 from CL- so far so good… only that the poker doesn’t have a hook. Sigh. And I saw the pic too but I didn’t think about looking for the hook! The neighborhood was niceee, and the guy was genuinely nice- so I couldn’t drive away without the set, so now it’s lying in the back of my truck… a broom, a shover, a holder, and yes, a hook-less poker. *shakes head*

  6. @ Tawny, could you just superglue a hook on it or something…? I don’t have much experience with fireplaces, so I’m trying to picture what your hook-less poker looks like…

  7. […] our last Craig’s List debacle, I declared that I hated it. That I would never use it again. But really, come […]

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