From Functional To Fab (at least, I hope)

Finally, we have nightstands.

They aren’t bad – but they could be so much cuter. For $10 each, we’re happy with the purchase. But since the recent Craig’s List debacle, we decided that we can’t buy anything “fixer-upper” anymore until we finish all the projects around here. So, we’d better get crackin’ on these nightstands.

A few ideas:

1. Put silver leaf on the dressers – from The Green Notebook

2. Paint them white. Picture white nightstands with a large black upholstered bed frame. Would that work? With gray lamps?
click on picture for source

3. Paint them a punchy color, like lime green. Do you think that would work if we painted our wall purple? Too much? What about if we stick to gray on the wall? Hmm.

4. Or – paint them white, but paint the inside lime green?

click picture for source

5. Paint it black. Boring? picture for source

6. Paint it white, but leave some of the wood peeking out in a cool design…

willmeansaftervia design*sponge


will_aftervia design*sponge

7. I would love to go crazy with wallpaper but Nick has already vetoed that option. I can at least show you a cute example –

misty_aftervia design*sponge

8. Whatever option we decide to go with, I think it would be really cute if we could add some type of bedding for our cats, like this…

kristiafter2via design*sponge


4 Responses

  1. I would go for either the white with the color that pop inside, or the white with some wood peeking out in cool design…

  2. I think we’re leaning towards these two.. Can’t wait to get started on the bedroom. That room is so WHITE šŸ™‚

  3. yes, i agree with darlene- those two are the best designs (and i’m sure glad nick vetoed the crazy design like the one you showed)

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love the red wallpaper dresser. Good luck with fixing up all your Craigslist finds!

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