My Mom, the Artist

I like to draw. But my mom CAN draw. And she CAN paint. For real. She majored in Fine Arts in college and taught high school and middle school art classes for around 10 years (I think?). And did I tell you she CAN draw and paint? Very well? Very talented at these skills? Well, you get the idea.

I’ve always told her that she should take more time to focus on her art and possibly sell some of her work. I’ve suggested her to set up an etsy shop and maybe sell some of her artwork. But she has always been too busy to really sit down and do art.

Until now! She is currently a very happy housewife and has more time on her hands… So, she asked me if I wanted her to paint one of the art that I coveted after in one of my moodboards.

This one
. It costs $319.99 for a stretched canvas print. I thought maybe we could buy it in like 82 years of saving up, or finding something similar at a lower cost, but Mom came to our rescue when she offered to paint it!


Shortly after her sweet offer, I stopped by Hobby Lobby looking for something-something and happened to stop by the canvas aisle. I decided to look at the prices and was like WHOA at the prices. I mean, I don’t remember the exact prices, but they ranged from $50 for tiny canvases to $100 for bigger ones. And we wanted a BIG one for our game room, so I was really disappointed that, even with mom doing the painting, it would be an expensive piece of art.


She laughed at my disappointment and said that she already took care of it. She bought a roll of canvas paint and stretched it over a wood frame herself, which cost like pennies compared to buying them already stretched out. That college degree really came in handy.

It’s not done yet, but it is in progress:

I CAN’T WAIT! It already has a spot in our game room ready and waiting for this awesomeness.

Compare the original and Mom’s version –

Told you she was good.

It’s actually perfect, because she was the one who introduced us to the deliciousness that is Agave Nectar.


6 Responses

  1. How awesome. Nice to have talented people in the family.

  2. Love stories like this and happy turnouts =)

  3. Elisa-
    Glad to see things are GOING in your house. I can’t wait to see the pictures when it is ALL finished. And your mom is absolute talented! I was very blessed to have her as my art teacher when I was in middle school. Her teaching was very easy and fun! Some of her art technique stayed with me. I would LOVE to see all of her artworks. Maybe you could ask her and see if she would make a blogs about her artworks? 🙂

    And also, why don’t you put some of your before and after on ? I love that website! It gave me a plenty of inspirations, and ideas.

    Much Love,
    Little Dolly

    • Dolly – Sorry! Your comment was held as spam, I have no idea why – just found this and published it 🙂

      I AGREE, mom should blog her art! Here’s hoping she’ll at least think about it and start one soon 🙂

      And I have to wait until I actually have a great before and after. I don’t have any, yet… My jewelry project, maybe, but I want to add a bottom first… Love that website!

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