The Guest Bedroom Project Begins: Ceilings, Clothes, and Claws

Mission Orange Guest Bedroom has BEGUN.

The room is all painted. When I say all, I mean ALL. Including the ceiling. And we really like the look… We like it so much that we will paint our living room ceiling as well. But that is a project for another year month.

For this project, we went green – both literally and figuratively.

Literally green: The frog tape that we finally tried after hearing all the praise and praise about it.

Verdict: Praise deserved. You don’t know how good it feels to peel back that tape and go “ahhhh” rather than “damn it damn it damn it oh no more work to do ugh ugh ugh ugh I feel tired now” until you’ve tried the fabulous FROG TAPE.

Figuratively green: Reusable plastic drop cloths. (Well, they are actually also literally green too…)

But we kind of failed at the figurative green part. Because I don’t think we’ll use one of the drop cloths again, due to this…

Yep, our little devil kitties destroyed our drop cloth. No, they weren’t in the room with us. They reached under the door and flailed about with their little claws. Boo to you, Tala. Boo to you, Vaquero. But your cuteness and big eyes force us to forgive you every time.


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