yesterday was special, but…

Yesterday was our one-year anniversary!

It’s been a greatAWESOME year… And we look forward to many more years together!!

But do you know what I just realized?

We forgot to eat the top of our wedding cake.


7 Responses

  1. Elisa and Nick, Congrats!!! Go ahead to eat that cake!!! Never too late!! Because you both stay together forever! Enjoy eating cake! smile! I love you both! God bless you both! ox

  2. i agree with kathi- enjoy the cake, let us enjoy it vicariously through you! 😉

  3. 😀 It’s thawing right now… Maybe tonight..

    Thanks MOM xoxo!

  4. Eddy and I forget about our cake sitting in Manuel Chabonnier’s mom’s freezer. [We had a wedding in her backyard.] Anyway, Eddy and I went to Florida for our one year anniversary, and then we remembered the cake when we were already on the airplane flying back to home. How sad is that? We have no idea if it is still there after all this time. [We got married on January 13, 2007.]

  5. Oh by the way, gorgeous cake!!

  6. You two are too cute!

    I never ate my cake top either. Presumably it’s mushed in the the back of mom’s freezer and now inedible. (15 years old.)

  7. Dolly & Bromeliad, thanks – I feel better now 🙂 We ate one piece each last week.. The cake tasted good but the icing lost all flavor. Oh well!

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