Our life, in books (part 1)

Remember our office? Sigh. That’s been on the back burner here at Casa Vita for a while until we find the perfect fabric for this chair. But that is OKAY because … well, because it just is.

We also planned to build bookshelves in our closet (which has no door because we removed it so to have a mini-library in our office), which we said we would do after we installed wood flooring. However, after looking at our budget with one raised eyebrow, we decided that we’d better wait a while and save some more money before we take the wood-plunge. Sadness, since this means that we can’t build our shelves until then.

I was sorrowful at the idea of our books stuck in boxes for a long while until I read the latest issue of Lonny and saw that this “decor” trend was, well, trendy:

Books stacked on the floor!

I can’t ignore a trend, especially one that solves our problem with nary a cent. Right now, our closet looks like this:

Not bad. At least it’s better than hiding them in ugly cardboard boxes that line up our game room. (There are still some boxes left there, but don’t tell anyone).

But even better than having our books out of the boxes is all the memories that I thought about as I stacked up the books. It was amazing to see our personalities and our life experiences show through our book collection. (Yes, it took me an hour just to stack those books. It takes me forever to clean anything that has to do with memories. If you were here at the time, you could probably catch me sitting on the floor with my knees beneath my butt, my mouth agape, me thinking. Then you would catch me groaning, “My knees! My knees!”)

See what you can learn about us by just looking at four books:

Painless Spanish? I took two years of Spanish in high school, one semester in college, and my father’s side of the family are all from Mexico. I bought two Spanish books to attempt to relearn what I learned in class and to reclaim my heritage. Result: I know maybe 15 Spanish words.

Associated Press Stylebook. I took a Journalism class, worked for the college newspaper (The Buff and Blue – now an online newspaper of which my brother is now the EIC) for a couple of years and even worked one year as the copy editor (the most boring job of all time).

Anne of Green Gables. My favorite book from my childhood. This book was loaned to me from my grandpa’s then-wife. I still consider it on-loan, even though I don’t think I will ever see her again. I remember being told to be VERY careful because it was really special to her and then eating my cherry popsicle very carefully when I read and then dripping some red spots and being a DESPONDENT-10-YEAR-OLD. I even searched the pages to find the old cherry stains, but I couldn’t find them. Good sign?

Harry Potter. Nick loves these books (who doesn’t) and we actually “met” at a Harry Potter movie. Remind me to tell you that story later.

The next stack is simpler:

Obviously, I took some Linguistics courses (I have a MA in Linguistics). Obviously, we have a vested interest in the deaf community (duh, we’re deaf). But when I look at these books, I remember a lot of things: the crazy and fast-paced week of Deaf Way II at Washington DC, my paper on Thai Sign Language as a part of my Linguistic Fieldwork class, and the excitement and anticipation just before my first Linguistics class.

Oh, and that book The Celestine Prophecy is great. Also on loan. You know who you are – do you want the book back? I can mail it to you.

Geez, how many books do we have on loan?

I’ll stop now. More memories from books to come, later!


2 Responses

  1. ready for the biggest shocker of all times? i no longer am against reading. ๐Ÿ™‚ i do have so much reading to catch up on, though- good thing i do have a lifetime to do so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Knew you would come around! Now you can give me book recommendations. I feel behind, too!

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