the great paint struggle is coming to an end

First day of our spring break, and I’m still sick-ish… But no worries, I will be healed as soon as we make the final decisions on our master bedroom paint struggle!

We decided we should stick to light gray for our bedroom, but how to jazz it up? Then I remembered this article.

See the paint job? With the white borders? We really liked this – simple yet just a bit different.

SO – the plan right now is to paint the walls a light gray and then do the borders in dark gray.

We’ll be off to Home Depot to look at paint chips and decide on a light gray color. (We decided to make the switch to Behr from Sherwin-Williams because Behr is like more than 50% cheaper and we hear great things about it… Hope it works out just fine!)

I guess our spring break will consist of painting the master bedroom AND the kitchen. I think that’s more fun than a trip to Cancun! How’s that for positive thinking?


2 Responses

  1. Do you know what color this is? I am trying to fight a gray that pretty much matches this color exactly!

    • I don’t know (sad face) but I really love Monorail Silver by Sherwin Williams, it’s very similar to that. Try it out?

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