More ideas for the bedroom

My stupid head cold interrupted our painting plan for our master bedroom, so I’m sulking. But Instead of sulking and wasting time, I’m sulking and planning.

Above our bed, we will hang these candle-holder thingies from CB2:

But it won’t be so uniform like the above picture – it’ll be more scattered and random like this:

So pretty, it’s taking all of my willpower to NOT click on “buy now” on the website. Nick should be SO proud of me…

Opposite of the bed, we’ll get a purple sofa like the one on my moodboard and add a cute little table to put our wine glasses on as we lounge and discuss about important things like the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Above the sofa, we’ll hang a bunch of pictures using these frames:

Ribba frames, from IKEA.

Since we will be installing wood floors next year (if our savings go as planned), we will need some kind of rug so we don’t wake up like “It’s too early to get up ugh WOW THAT IS COLD that’s it I’m going back in bed and calling in sick today” every single day.

But forking over big money for a big rug that would only show its sides outside of the bed? Hmm. Two smaller rugs flanking the bed? Sounds better.

I’m not sure which rug is cuter, this purple lattice-style rug from Urban Outfitters:

Or this soft teal rug, also from Urban Outfitters:

Remember – our walls will be gray and our comforter will be white/light gray with some purple pillows. Teal would go well with purple and teal shows up in several other rooms in our house, so it would be consistent. On the other hand, the lattice rug is oh-so-unique.

However, the most important purchase we’ll make for the bedroom is a queen mattress. We’ve been sleeping on a twin mattress for the past couple of weeks – good thing we’re not big people, but I think Nick’s getting tired of me pushing him off it in my sleep. Oops.


2 Responses

  1. Give yourself a pat on the back for not clicking on that mouse to “buy now” 😉

    I vote for the teal rug. I love how it pops, and provdes a nice contrast to the floor. 😉 (Again, I am biased. Teal’s my favourite colour!)

  2. *pats hard on your back for you* i’m with christy- i vote for the teal rug! 🙂

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