The best laid plans…

Thanks to my beautiful sister in law Alexa and my beautiful mom Kathi – we have a clear plan for our kitchen! They sent me this picture of a sweet kitchen…

[via Maggy Moon Interiors]

…and gave us the inspiration that we needed for our kitchen.

Our current kitchen:

Yeah. We’ll paint the cabinets white, the walls a light gray, and add the other things on this moodboard (along with a wood floor, which will come next year)…

I fell in love with this tile(1) when I stumbled into this great blog, Knight Moves. Her blog header has this tile design and I really liked it until she mentioned where she found that tile and I thought, I MUST HAVE THAT SOMEWHERE IN MY HOUSE.

The yellow pendant light (2) is actually a DIY plan I have – first, buy a pendant light from CB2 for $40 and then wrap it with a fun yellow/gray fabric, like this one from an etsy seller.

Then the hardware. I’m getting sick of digging my fingers underneath drawers and cabinet doors just to pry them open and getting afraid I’ll scratch the wood. Cool Lugarno pulls and knobs (3) will solve this problem with style. They will look dashing with our soon-to-be newly painted white cabinets and black countertops (which will result in something like 4).

On the top of our future wood flooring, we’d like to have a fun and bright rug – and Flor tiles in gold and cream(5) would work beautifully in this space. Bonus: we can decide any kind of rug arrangement, thanks to the flexibility of rug tiles. I think that would incorporate enough yellow in the kitchen, but if needed, we can always throw in some accessories like this tray from West Elm (6).

We have glass sliding doors in the kitchen (not pictured in our photo above) that we love because of the light shining through from our backyard all day long, but we don’t love the style of it. So, we will be bringing in french doors (7) and painting them black (just like we will for all of our interior doors).

But we’re definitely not adding these:

[zgallerie – constructive eating set]


9 Responses

  1. Love the grey and yellow together.

    I’ve got to checkout that construction dining set for my four year old cousin.

  2. I love your design for your kitchen!!

  3. I love the tile!


  4. i’ve been to knight moves, but didn’t realize that she actually had that tile. it is simply FABULOUS! love, love, love it. i like the overall plan for your kitchen, too. when i was doing mine i was trying to decide between black cabinets with light counters, or white cabinets with black. next time i think i’ll do white since i’m all about light, bright kitchens now.

    can’t wait to see your progress. also, thanks for your comments today. school was fun–my list? not so much. 🙂

  5. Your kitchen is going to be wonderful! Love the mood board. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

  6. Thanks, everyone! I am excited about this one. 🙂

  7. oooo, i’m definitely looking forward to spending hours and hours eating and drinking in your kitchen. hey, what’s this deaf boy to do? 😉

  8. […] (Sherwin Williams Gray Screen; color-matched in Behr paint). We definitely still want to do our grand kitchen plan, but for now, we needed to paint our backsplash because builder white paint is UGLY and flat paint […]

  9. I feel like I’m in a sort of twilight zone…I just discovered your blog and after just looking at the master bath and kitchen I couldn’t believe all the similarities with the items we’ve been choosing for the same rooms. I love seeing someone use a similar color palette, and while there are tons of differences, I love seeing some of our things used in a different way. I can’t wait to see what you do with the kitchen!

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