My wish list… After all, 28 years is a milestone, isn’t it?

My 28th birthday’s coming up soon. Soon-ish. Ok, it’s a month away.

I know you want to adorn me with gifts. So I’m just doing you a favor by putting all my wants needs here!

Whirly hanging candleholder from CB2 – 11 of them for our master bedroom.

Hexapods from CB2 – one of each color, please. For our office.

Chandelier from Urban Outfitters – for our master bathroom.

Gion Organic Bed Duvet from CB2 – for our guest room.

Palazzo Vase from Z Gallerie – for our TV set. Can you imagine it with bright yellow or blue flowers?

World Map Cavallini Wrapping Paper – to line the drawers of our vintage guest bedroom dresser. Five of them.

The Agile Rabbit of Historical and Curious Maps book – to cut out and frame and put in either our living room or our game room. A used copy is more than fine!

Did I forget anything important or ultra cool?


4 Responses

  1. I like that UO chandelier. Not a bad price, either.

  2. I love that chandelier from UO! 🙂 And Happy Birthday (in advance).


  3. whoah! that chandelier from uo looks just like the one that was in my bedroom in that oooochampsfeelslikearesorthere apt i used to live in, remember? ooo, how i miss the pools so! *sighs* anywayyy, awesome wish list, but wouldn’t you be worried about getting doubles or triples from posting your wish list on here and not having a “registry” or something where we could like figure out what has already been bought for you or whatever? 😉

    • Yes! I still have that chandelier & I bought it from uo years ago. 🙂 Knowing that you don’t tend to notice all the little details.. Im surprised you remma. 🙂 🙂

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