Countdown to Cancun!

We just bought tickets to Cancun for June 15! We will be traveling the Yucatán part of Mexico and parts of Central America for five weeks. I really can’t wait for this adventure that we’ve wanted to do for several years!

However, leaving the country with uncompleted projects lying around doesn’t sound very appealing to us. So, we’ve banned ourselves from starting ANY new projects until after we come back from our five-week adventure.

We will definitely be MORE focused and motivated to FINISH all the projects that we’ve started so far. We will have… what… nine weeks to finish everything. Gulp.

Check out our Countdown to Cancun to-do list on the right side of this blog. We’ll be crossing things as we go… Wish us luck!

You’ll see that one thing on the list is crossed off already. We got a head start last weekend when we painted the first coat just before we flew off to Iowa for my step-brother’s wedding last weekend. We’ll paint the second coat and the gray borders this weekend. I wish we could tackle that tonight but I’ve got stacks and stacks of papers to correct since grades are due this Friday!

Our cats model our painting progress (they insisted):


2 Responses

  1. your cats make for fantastic models, that’s for sure! 🙂 central america, whoohoo! take tons of pictures, won’t you please?! i’m soso sorry i disappointed you guys– i know it would have been totally awesome to have me join you guys, but i just can’t.. 😉 just pretend i’m right there next to you guys when you explore new places and bicker about what to eat, heh..

  2. 😉

    Pictures – FOR SURE.

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