It feels so good to be done!

We love it! Not too dramatic, but just a bit different than the other gray walls in our house…

Can’t wait to see how it looks with our black tufted leather bed, which should be set up by tomorrow…

Then we can FINALLY move back in!

The above picture – I think the border looks a bit weird here, the way it ends at the door.. Should it go up and around the door? Nick says NO. What say you?

Now excuse me as I go and make some (a lot) touch-ups. And clean up (especially all the green tape).


13 Responses

  1. yes, do the board around the door! you know what i’m thinking? you know how it’s cool to have sunglasses with border all around the edge but no “divider” in the middle.. if you add the board around the door, then maybe get rid of the “divider” above the door, ya know what i’m talking about?

  2. What a great project… such big impact! I think I’m going to try this in my dining room instead of a chair rail. Thanks…great post!

  3. hmm, in my opinion, i don’t think you should add the border around the door. it looks great!!!! but if you do, it will still look fabulous.

  4. What a feeling of accomplishment! Can’t wait to see the room all dressed up!

  5. @ Jesse – you mean, no borders above the door? I’m not getting your sunglasses analogy – send me a picture or something? 🙂

    @Mary – oh if you do it, PLEASE send me pictures!

    @Jeni – I think I agree with you – I think we’ll leave it as it is. Unless Jesse sends me that picture of the ‘cool sunglasses’ and I’m convinced otherwise 😉

    @Meredith – Me too!

  6. [shaking my head] i agree with bro, if you add the border around the door, it’s ‘forced’ taste cuz it happen to be there.

    I lovvvvveeeeeee this room, I think when I visit – id attack that room.
    [unless you made it all girly] lol.

  7. ❤ your bedroom! I personally think you should do the board around the door. It looks like something's missing. (it'd be still beautiful if you disagree!) I was told that your bedroom should be the room you love the most out of all rooms in your house. It will be the room that enhances your mood every night and every morning. 🙂

  8. @ vitay – I can’t make it all girly, macho Nick sleeps there too and believe me, he has already rejected so MANY of my girly ideas. That room is safe 😉

    @ Carrie – Makes sense – hope we can turn it in a room we absolutely love! So far, so good…

  9. Wow its gorgeous. I would get rid of the dark gray paint in the corner (behind door) because it brings unnecessary attention to the whole corner behind the door. Hmm.

    The floor cover- is that sheets?

  10. Naw, not sheets. Dropcloth 🙂

  11. ohh dropcloth== the same thing you could use to make rugs? =) Good recycling…

    • Well.. What I have isn’t canvas dropcloth and I *think* canvas dropcloth would work better for diy rug. Oh well! At least what we have, we definitely can use again and again. We aren’t even close to finishing all the painting that we need to do in our house! Oh boy..

  12. […] 17. Painted our bedroom walls and borders […]

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