How We Met Our House

Found out through two blogs that I read (Centsational Girl and It’s Great to be Home) that there’s a How I Met My House party going on and I thought we definitely had a story to share!

We were talking about buying a house. Not seriously talking about it, just chit chat. We weren’t even engaged yet. We had recently moved to Austin for our new jobs – too early to be buying a house, maybe?

But houses in Austin are cheap. Affordable.

Nick kept on looking at Craig’s List. I was… doing something else, I don’t even remember. I wasn’t yet addicted to blogs then. Not planning for a wedding yet. Wow, I forgot what life was like back then.

Anyway. Nick came to me one day and said he found a nice-looking house on Craig’s List. I know. Craig’s List. It was new construction and why don’t we just check it out? Okay, Nick, make the call.

He did. The realtor came and picked us up in his Lexus and drove us to the Ashbrook community. Well, it wasn’t yet a community. It was just a flat piece of land, with lots of “available” signs and maybe five houses being built. We entered a mobile office. Looked at floor plans. I said to Nick, I thought we were going to see a HOUSE, not floorplans.

The realtor said, there’s a model house in another area we could go. Okay. So we did, the next day. The first house we entered was the Triumph floor plan. WE LOVE IT. Five bedrooms. Three full bathrooms. Cool game room (they don’t have that in the east – they have basements). Cool arches between the dining room and living room. Sliding doors in the kitchen. And the house from out front looks pretty.

Another model house. Small. Another model house. Niceee but not available in the Ashbrook community (we liked the location of the Ashbrook community). Do you want to see other areas, other builders, the realtor asked. Sure.

Model house after model house after model house. The smell of the leather seats in the Lexus. Writing notes back and forth between us and the relator. Walking over wood beams in unfinished houses. A lot of comparing. Discuss, discuss, discuss, and discuss.

Nick and I finally decided that we were still in love with the first floor plan that we saw – the Triumph. The exact same picture that Nick saw on Craig’s List. Let’s do it.

That was in the spring of 2008. Then that summer, just before Nick’s parents came to visit, just before the builders finally broke ground, Nick and I decided to go to our lot and take some pictures. And to sign a random form for something related to the house.

On our way there, Nick asked me whether we should sign the form or take pictures first. I said, I don’t care. He persisted, like it was SO important. I DON’T care, I said. He thought hard. “We’ll take pictures first.” “Okaaay, sure, fine.”

We got there. We walked around, smiling. I was smiling because I couldn’t believe we would have our own house right here at this spot. With a nice view behind us. I was imagining living here. Nick was smiling for an entirely different reason.

Suddenly, Nick knelt down. Shock and awe. Will you marry me? YES of course!! Beautiful ring! Perfect place! (in the area where our kitchen would be, we figured out later)

Life after that was a whirlwind. We zoomed off for a month-long trip all over the country (and Canada for my brother’s wedding). We came back just a week before school (and work) started up. We started planning for the wedding. And dealing with paperwork related with the house and loan and and and and.

We found some time to stop by and see how our house was doing.

We got married. We moved in. We installed sod. And then I got obsessed with decorating it. And then we started this blog. And flash forward to today: I’m finishing up this post, happily married for a year, two cute cats exploring the kitchen, Nick at a sports bar with his friends for the NFL draft, and I’m going to go up and finish touching up our bedroom. All in a blink of the eye.

And I’m wondering how I set out to do a short and sweet post and ended up with a novel. Wow.


8 Responses

  1. i always LOVE your blogs. beautiful story- loved how it just work out jst perfectly for you both!
    hope ill get to see your house someday!

  2. Love your beautiful home! man I wish I could live in have lovely homes there!

  3. simply beautiful! i love love stories, especially since i know the lucky couple!!! 😀 beautiful home, definitely!

  4. Aww, I was waiting for this story and didn’t even realize it! 🙂 Def a great mini novel 😉 Loved seeing your house before it was finished- it makes it just even more beautiful in my mind!

  5. Came over from homeforthebetter. Love your house. did want to mention however, that it is very dangerous to have your license plate in a photo online. That can definitely be tracked!

  6. Eek, Stephanie! Thanks for that info, I’ll blur out the plate soon. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Awesome! I just love this story!

  8. Loveee this blog 🙂 I see the whole process from beginning to now and wow it does really take A LOT of time and energy to be done w whole thing 😀

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