Maybe we inspired Lonny…?

Yes, old old old old old news, but I finally finished reading Lonny just a week ago. And found these two pictures that I was thrilled to see – because they include elements that we plan to incorporate in our house!

White cabinets and a black french door – what we want for our kitchen! I really like this white pendant, too… Simple and cool.

Gold, turquoise, yellow, light walls. Just what we want for our living room! (Not sure about the gold, though – I love gold, but our dining chairs have silver legs…) We were leaning more to teal than turquoise, though, but after seeing this picture… HMM.

Don’t you just love seeing your plans for your spaces or details from your home in magazines or chic blogs? I’m like a kid when that happens – “ME TOO! ME TOO!”


5 Responses

  1. yeah, nice nice nice
    except that head of an animal (i hate stuff like that)

    overall i like it all

  2. Good thing there’s no head – only antlers 🙂 but yeah I don’t plan to put that in our house. Popular in design world (or on it’s way out?) but just not for me…

  3. i am usually the one doing the copying – ha! love those rooms!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I took credit for two Lonny rooms, too. Makes you feel you’re somehow at a recognizable level of stylishness.

  5. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me the name/design style of the bedding? It kind of looks like lattice, but I know it’s more specific. Anybody know where I can purchase more of that print of fabric? Thanks.

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