The aaaahhhhhhhhhh factor

This morning, I got up late. Again.

Damn that new mattress.

As I rush through my morning, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, stressing over my hair, etc etc, a million thoughts run through my head. OK, I’m done. I run downstairs.

Oh, right, my clothes from yesterday are still in the exercise room from last night – boo. Go back upstairs. Whip open the bedroom door to lunge my clothes on the floor and go back…

Wait. Look around. Breathe. Aaaahhhhhhhhhh.

I go back downstairs, immediately relaxed and calm. I make lunch, even though I only have five minutes to make it. And it was delicious, come lunch time. Quinoa, mexican style. Calmness makes for good lunches.

But what made me go aaaahhhhhhhhhh? The master bedroom. I don’t know, that room immediately relaxes me. I talked to Nick about it and he agreed, it relaxes him too. It has the aaaahhhhhhhhhh factor. Yes, four a’s and 10 h’s. It’s that exact. The feeling that you get when you go into a room that’s balanced, relaxing, and just feels like home.

I want every room in my house to feel like that. Home. An escape. That’s why I love decor. That’s why I’m so obsessed with it these past few months. That’s why I work on moodboards, room formulas, and research furniture/decor options. That’s why I bookmark DIY ideas and search Craig’s List constantly.

The aaaahhhhhhhhhh factor. With four a’s and 10 h’s.


3 Responses

  1. I love my mattres too. I always hate waking up!

  2. Go to bed earlier!!! Ha!

  3. Hey there girl! regarding the campaign search. I put in DRESSER%BRASS…I feel like people love to advise that the dresser has brass which brings up all kinds of things. I will take a look for you.

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