Birthday goodies… and a birthday crisis

It was a great way to wake up.

ZzzZZzzZZ *shake shake* whaaattttt Hi Nick. He was perched on the top of the bed with a big grin on his face, holding up the cutest yellow zebra beach bag, filled to the brim with a purse and earrings and necklaces galore! Then he brought me downstairs and I met my three new books and two more purses! And then I finally ripped apart the CB2 boxes (from mommies!) that had been sitting in the middle of our dining room for DAYS. I have WILLPOWER.

No, I’m not going to show you every single earring and purse I got, but I’ll show you the three decor related gifts!

1. This book.

Even though we’re pretty much set with our paint colors for *most* of our rooms in this house, I am still always on the search for great paint colors to paint furniture, lamps, and maybe some outdoor chairs. And we will need some ceiling colors later – for our office and for our dining room. So I am excited to sit back and read through all the colors that are recommended! Geez, that sounds so boring but actually it is very exciting!


2. These very cool hexapods!

We are well on our way towards completing our moodboard for the office! These hexapods are SOOO fun and HUGE! I didn’t realize how huge they would be.. and I love it. See my out-of-focus hand in the photo above? That’s to give you an idea of how big these hexapods are. And no, I don’t have freakishly small hands.

Not sure where we will put them in the office exactly but I think they will look very cool no matter where we decide to put them. And they could fit well in other rooms – the game room would work, for one, and maybe a future nursery/bedroom for a little boy! (in 2+ years, people)

3. Fabulous candle-holders!

They are also bigger than expected! Either I am really bad with reading size descriptors on retail websites or CB2 sells huge accessories! I love them and know they would look very light and etheral above our bed, like I described in this post, but


And I mean a HUGE BUT

We forgot allllll about our two devils, Vaquero and Tala. We just KNOW the cats will jump on our new headboard (they already do, USING THEIR CLAWS, but not that often) and swipe at the candles and swipe and swipe and bite until they all fall down and we get back home with glass balls all over our bed and chewed up candle wax sprinkled all over our pillows.

So that plan apparently won’t work. Cry, because we really love these candle holder thingies. We thought about hanging them in a group above the bathtub, but we do like our chandelier idea… I thought about hanging them outside at the patio, but there isn’t a patio yet and won’t be for at least another year… One idea is to hang them in one of our tv set‘s boxes… Not sure about that one. Do you have an idea???

THANK YOU MOMMIES and JOSE for #2 and #3!!!

Had enough of listening to me brag about my gifts? Do you want a gift of your own? Enter our giveaway here!


4 Responses

  1. What awesome gifts! My cats would totally fall on my head trying to get those hanging boubles, so I think you’re right to nix that idea. BTW, thanks so much for the link to the velcro rug holder-downer! Yeah, I like to make up words. I may try that after the floors have cured for awhile longer, thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday, again! 🙂 Those candleholders are really fun and would be so moody and romantic lit. Do you think you could just be diligent about keeping your bedroom door closed so the kitties couldn’t get in?

  3. The cats follow us EVERYWHERE and I would just feel like a ol’ meanie shutting them out… sigh. Maybe you could get those candles and I could live vicariously through you?

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday!! I love the decor items!!

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