a dream deferred

First, I saw this…

[via Decor Demon]

Which led to Craig’s List, and then I found this…

I dreamed of painting these nightstands a very light gray, almost white, just like in the inspiration picture above. Then I would spray the handles black. And I would lay in bed every night smiling at them while stroking my cat’s head. And perhaps sip some wine. And leisurely read. Did I say every night? All day. In bed. Reading.

*pop* back to reality.

Today, I felt sick all day, but I just HAD to see these nightstands. Tonight, we made the drive and met them in person.

Hi, nightstands. Not solid wood. Not Nick’s style. And I have to say, not my style until that inspiration picture messed with my head a little bit. The seller was willing to go lower (much lower) than the price indicated above, but it just wouldn’t work.

Bahhh. Nightstand plan, round three:

1. Campaign dressers, painted white (via little green notebook). 2. Ikea Rast dressers, painted and made pretty (via Aubrey + Lindsay). 3. Modern dressers from BoConcept (via BoConcept’s catalog, somewhere in there).Β  4. Mirrored nightstands (via Crate & Barrell).

Right now, we’re leaning towards the campaign dressers. It’s been a long, hard, and dangerous road, but I think I’ve finally convinced Nick that they are awesome furniture. Let’s see if we can find them IN REAL LIFE.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Insults? Any Langston Hughes fans out there?


7 Responses

  1. Number 4 that would make your bedroom more lovely and romanic with that chandlier! They look perfect! oxo

  2. Wow, I was going to beat you senseless via email if you painted those CL nightstands, but then when you said they weren’t real wood I was totally on board and excited for you to paint them. Then you decided against them? NOOOOoooooo!

    I suppose the ones you want will be fabulous, though. ha!

  3. I thought the CL dresser would work, too, but – maybe seeing in person would’ve changed my mind…

    I *did* think of Langston – and the first photo made me think “Rhapsody in Purple” πŸ™‚ I was *almost* a lit major πŸ˜‰

  4. Sorry about the dream deferred! I think the campaign dressers would be great and would be so useful, too. Tom and I had assorted tables as nightstands and I am happy to have some closed storage there now. I got nightstands w/ doors on the front, but if I were to do it again, I would def. go w/ the drawers like you are!

  5. LOL, you two are so cute! Glad I found your blog via Life & Style

    Campaign nigtstands would be gorg love them, or ikea rast like Aubrey + Lindsey

  6. […] May 2010, we almost got nightstands off Craig’s List but backed out when we found that they weren’t solid wood. We decided we wanted campaign […]

  7. […] May 2010, we almost got nightstands off Craig’s List but backed out when we found that they weren’t solid wood. We decided we wanted campaign […]

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