My battle with Craig’s List continues. (i’m winning)

So, one day I was watching a show on Hulu and saw this:

Yes, I actually paused it and took a screen shot. I LOVE that chaise. The shape, the nailheads, the color!

We’ve been talking about getting a chaise in our bedroom and that chaise would be perfect, in a white color. But I have no idea where it’s from and I bet it’s out of our budget, anyway. I thought I would check Craig’s List and believe you me, they have oodles of chaises. It makes me a little nervous – are they so useless that many people are trying to sell them off?

I found this ad (click to see it bigger):

And clicked over to the IKEA website to see what thc chaise really looks like (Craig’s List users have horrible phototaking skills – they must have taken the same high school photography class as I did):

Pretty good deal. $250 for a chaise that costs $449 retail, PLUS an ottoman thrown in for free. We could reupholster the ottoman and use it in the game room. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Just as I was about to email the seller after getting Nick’s approval, I froze. I looked up and stared at the spot in our bedroom where the chaise would go. Would I love it? Would I want to go and sit in it and read blogs for hours on end? Or would I look at it and go MEH and look forward to the day when we could afford a better chaise? And most importantly – did we rully, rully want another IKEA furniture in this house, dammit?

Craig’s List, stop tempting me with cheap stuff that I don’t love! I’m off to search for a chaise that will officially make our bedroom a room that I never want to leave.

I, however, love this:

Imagine these babies reupholstered. Yes, we already have dining chairs, but these look soft and I love the metallic legs!

Or is it the price tag that I’m really in love with? Regardless, two emails have been sent to the seller and I’ve heard nothing back…

The Vitas: 7 (our house, office chair, coffee table, side table, vintage dresser, awesome brand new mattress, the rejection of the cheap ikea chaise)
Craig’s List: 3 (ugly chair, nightstand fail, no hear back on the dining chairs)

Can you name all three TV shows I’ve referred to here? Yes, it’s been confirmed – I watch too much TV. At least I paint furniture while watching the shows, except when it’s on Hulu and I’m in bed. Perfection.


6 Responses

  1. Have you seen

    Sorry, I’m probably enabling an addiction here.

  2. lol, I have a bad habit of shopping Craigslist for stuff we don’t need! I like the chaise alot. I also hate when sellers dont aswer emails of respond to phone calls!

    Just ask your self if it dosn’t work one the room, will it look work someplace else?

    ps: I anserwed your painting Q’s on my blog, I didn’t see an email on your blog so I could email it to you 🙂

  3. uhh, I used to have that exactly chaise [2] but in black. I hated it after few months cuz its support is very fragile and the design with silver pipes for back support is eyesore if you like to move it around. [which i do!] My second chaise I had, broke after few months as well.

    so, I would recommended a good quality of chaise and a better design than that. [just like that tv show you snapped].

    hope this helps!

  4. **note, i was talking about that IKEA tyslosand.

  5. Oh yeah…. I have a little problem with Craigs List and Ebay too. I start random searches and then I sort of slip off into a crazy trance. What I need is for someone to throw an ice cold bucket of water on me to snap me out of it! Ha!

    • is awesome. And don’t worry, I love enablers.

      Thanks, Masshuu, for the confirmation that we made the right decision!!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one getting lost in Craigland, though… 🙂

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