chaise craze

Officially obsessed.

Here we go:

Nick looked over my shoulder just as I was writing this and helpfully informed me that #4 caught his eye. I’m just happy that he loves something on this and that he didn’t even care that none of these are actually chaises, except for #12. I can change my mind, you know? I’m still going to call it a chaise. Chaise. It sounds better than a boring ol’ sofa.

1-11 are from I know, old news. Bloggers have spread the word about them already. But I haven’t read any blogs that actually told of a personal experience with the company. However, I did some (nonscientific) research and it seems that CustomSofaDesigns is for real. We’ve been searching for the perfect sectional sofa and we might have found it at Room and Board, but we would definitely get a better price with CustomSofaDesigns. It feels like a risk, though, ordering a sofa online. (Yes, we would be doing the same with Room and Board if we went ahead with them, but they’re a.. you know, a real store.)

Our plan is to order a love seat/chaise/tiny sofa for our bedroom – a smaller risk than a sectional. And if it works out beautifully, we’ll seriously consider ordering from them for our living room. Yep, good plan.

The hardest part is to pick one. I want them all.


5 Responses

  1. I vote for 1, 4, 10 (not in red though), and 12! 🙂 Ranking (best to worst) – 12, 4, 1, then 12. 🙂

  2. So many to choose gomr, I really dig # 6 & # 8 — maybe its the little Mad Men vide they give off 🙂

    I think thats a good idea, olny suggestion is to see if they warranty the cushions, that way you dont have to worry 🙂

  3. ❤ #4, I love it the best. [high five to nick]

  4. I think choosing a sofa – or a chaise – is one of the hardest choices to make. #12 looks super comfortable and I think 11 and 5 are really pretty. 4 caught my eye at first too but after seeing all of them, I like the other three best. Thanks for your thoughts on my poll today – it’s very helpful!

  5. Thanks for all of your suggestions. It’s officially impossible to make a decision now. I’ll postpone making a final decision until after our trip… 🙂

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