Finally, a decision on the office chair…

It’s been forever, but we finally ordered our fabric for the office chair. It’s a very exciting fabric… Very dynamic.

Well, at least the color is bright and it’s originally what we wanted when we started planning the office design.

There was a huge memorial weekend sale at Joann’s and this fabric was 50% off. We couldn’t pass it up – from 20 a yard to 10 a yard. We also decided (thanks to the always practical Nick) that this fabric would be a good choice because:

1. Price is good, so if I screw up, there’ll be less screaming WHYYYY

2. No pattern for me to screw up

Yes, it seems that SOMEONE has no faith in me. But it’s okay, because I’m not sure if I have too much faith in myself, either. I haven’t touched my sewing machine ever since I got it. And it’s definitely been more than a year since I first got it. Maybe three years, even.

We actually LOVE these two fabrics on the left:

(Isn’t it wonderful how the mouth can be used as a third hand?)

But they’re more expensive and have patterns… We decided that since this is going to be my first upholstery project, it would be smarter to go with a more economical fabric for now. Then, in a few years, we can decide whether I’m good enough to try a more pricey fabric or take it to an upholster to do the job when we have more moolah.

But I really hope I don’t screw this up. Gulp.

The fabric will arrive in around two weeks, and then we zoom off on our trip, so I’ll have to wait until late July/August to work on this. I’m also thinking about spray painting the metal parts a dark color – so our office chair might end up something like this:

[via Unhappy Hipsters]

Without the zombie-looking kid, kthxbai. (I just learned that term last week. Am I that old already? I’m behind on internet slang!)


2 Responses

  1. Great fabric selection, I love bright yellow 🙂 I also love the Robert Allen – cat’s crable fabric!! Oohh la la – maybe curtains for your office??

  2. That would be so so so so pretty! Alas, we already have curtain panels put up (post coming up on that)… but that’s a great idea for the future, when it’s time to switch up the curtains! Don’t tell Nick.

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