drooling over CL treasures

If I can’t buy these, at least I can drool all over these on the ‘net and maybe, just perhaps, someone in Austin will read this and grab these goodies and mail them to me as a gift.

I would upholster it in a fun bird fabric and MAYBE paint the wood black or white. Gives me visions of Jamie’s bird ottoman that I have a HUGE crush on. Buy it here for $120.

A campaign dresser! Alas, too big for what we need for our bedroom. I would paint this a funky color like red or kelly green – or maybe even white – and smile at it everyday. Buy it here for $105. *UPDATE: It’s been sold, apparently.

Am I crazy for loving this dresser? I would paint it turquoise, add snazzy pulls, and stick it in our entryway. Buy it here. *UPDATE: It’s been sold, too! Where’s my commission?

The reason I’m not buying these things? Well, first of all, we still have two pieces in the garage waiting to be painted. And we’re spending this month’s house budget on the things that we need for our central america trip. So far, we’ve bought backpacks and chaco sandals. I think we’re ready! I can’t believe we will leave in 10 days. WOW. And no, we’re not announcing to the internet that our house will be empty for five weeks. We will have two bulky, huge guys who will be housesitting (and catsitting) for us the whole time we’re away. Let’s hope we don’t return home to a stained carpet littered with empty beer cans. Wait – maybe that would be good – that would force us to get wood flooring sooner. I sense a evil conspiracy between me and the guys brewing…


4 Responses

  1. Not only do I not think you’re crazy for loving that dresser, but I wouldn’t even paint it. I would clean it up and love it just the way it is! It’s gorgeous.

  2. I agree, it does look great the way it is, already… and I can see your disdain for painting wood. I’m afraid when I actually paint something you’ll hate us forever! 🙂

  3. These pieces are just lovely! You show great restraint! I have sooo many pieces of furniture that are waiting for my attention but somehow it never stops me from picking another one! I hope you two have a GREAT trip!

  4. Only 10 days?! Woo hoo! Hope you all have a super wonderful time!!! 🙂

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