My deep reflections on Lonny

**this is an ultra old post, I wrote this before going on our vacation – I should have published this much earlier, but I hope you enjoy this**

My thought process as I read through the latest Lonny (finally):

Page 23:

I love these pillows. I also love the price. Teal. I think that’ll be one of the colors for our backyard – it’s very summery and matches our office. Earlier today, I found this great outdoor sectional on (where else?) CL:

For $600.

Hopefully they’ll fail to sell it and then try to sell it again next spring for $200. Hey, one can always hope. Can you picture that sectional with these pillows and a couple of gray and yellow pillows thrown in?

Page 26:

How fun! Perhaps that broom will help me remember to sweep the floor. I especially like the plunger.

Page 36:

This is so, so pretty. SO pretty. I just love the color and the fabric (looks like velvet of some kind? Not a fabric expert here) and how it looks with lighter pillows on it. I stared at this picture for a few minutes and thought, “I wish I had a space for a small sofa that I could get in a FUN color and not worry about it at all. The game room? Nah, not in our plans for the room. Outdoor seating? Maybe. Wait a minute… we do have a small sofa/chaise purchase coming up soon. Could that color work in our bedroom, along with purple? YES.” I show it to Nick and he loves it as well. The more I think about it, the more I love it. Velvet-y fabric, peacock blue/teal, a jolt of color in our bedroom… I CAN’T WAIT AND I THINK WE’RE GONNA DO IT.

Moving on.

Page 50:

That book! I gave that book to my mom a LONG time ago – when I was in high school. Pretty good, 17-year-old Elisa, pretty good. Mom – do you still have it?

Page 60-61:

So frustrated with our nightstand situation. I’ve searched CL often and carefully and I’ve had no luck so far finding campaign nightstands. I think we should be hitting thrift shops more often, but haven’t been able to do that. I’ll search harder once we’re back in the States, but I think these nightstands are pretty and light and would look great in our bedroom. This is Plan B.

Page 82:

I know this photo has gotten a lot of hate in the blogs due to the mirror and the lamps, but look at the console table! I really like it. And I remembered this dresser that I saw on CL (when searching for campaign nightstands – a blogger suggested me to search “brass” and “dresser” or “table” to find campaign furniture):

For $120.

Wait… When I look at these two photos together, they don’t look the same at all. Never mind.

Page 95:

Really, Lonny? You’re copying me, AGAIN? Awesome!

Page 97:

Haven’t I seen this somewhere in the blogworld already, before this issue came out?

Page 98-99:

Yep, another room I’ve seen before. I remember these lamps. I grabbed a picture of that lamp from the internet a while ago and decided I wanted to DIY something like this – I liked the black lines around the base. To prove it to you – here’s a photo I had in my files:

This proves it – I read too much blogs. I’m gonna stop reading for now and do something around the house!


5 Responses

  1. I would offer those people $500 and snatch that sectional up in a heartbeat!

    • I knowwww. Tell that to Nick… Actually, he would be right in saying no – we don’t even have a floor in our backyard, no patio yet, nothing. I want to build one, eventually, from Knock-Off Wood plans..

  2. Don’t you love it when Lonny copies you?

  3. I love that outdoor sectional. I wonder how comfy it is?

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