Shoes need beautiful homes, too!

My dream closet would look something like this:

via this article by Janell

All that storage for shoes and purses! Our walk-in closet definitely can look like this with some work and money and time. We will be doing something like this in a few years. But not now.

My shoes are feeling a bit impatient with their situation, though:

Ridiculous. And I have some more shoes in our entryway (to the irritation of Nick, who has quite the shoe collection himself as well) and I’m sure I can find some more shoes in other rooms around the house.

Yes, I have two white flip-flops. And yes, I need to keep both. One is more casual and the other one can be worn with dresses. And I just might have one sandal missing it’s partner, just in case it turns up somewhere.

Our temporary solution, these cheap plastic shoe racks from one of the big box stores, was brought over from my old apartment. This space keeps on getting messy (believe it or not, this picture is a clean version of what it usually is like). And you just know that I’ll be buying some more pairs in the following months. So, I need a solution, SOON.

I read this article on closet organization (here) and loved this clever idea: using a china cabinet to hold shoes!

Bedroom Ideas eclectic closet
, via this article by Janell

So chic! And I have space in my closet! (I’m sure I can find a way around the light switch. I mean, who needs light? Shoes are more important.)

Perfect. And of course, where else to look for china cabinets other than Craig’s List and thrift stores! They’re full of china cabinets. I saw a beautiful bamboo cabinet just last week at a thrift shop and I said to Nick, “I wish we needed a china cabinet.” If only I read this article a week sooner!!!

I easily found this china cabinet on CL for $30:

from here

(We’ve forbidden ourselves from buying anything more for the house until we complete some of our progress and finish painting all the rooms in the house, so I won’t be buying this exact cabinet, but I am confident I will be able to find one later at a similar price.)

I would paint it black and add cool knobs from, where else, Anthropologie (I would check out Hobby Lobby as well).


We have plans to go to the mall tomorrow to buy some work clothes (going back to the classroom in two weeks!)… I just may pick up a pair of shoes or two with no guilt.

Knobs: 1. Diamond Gal Knob, $6.00; 2. Caricature Knob, $8.00; 3. Rosy Knob, $6.00; 4. Calico Owl Knob, $12.00.


9 Responses

  1. I just had to stop by and say thank you for mentioning my tree stump project to Mrs. Limestone. It’s always nice to be recognized for projects and it was so kind of you to go out of your way to make mention of my project. You get the Good Samaritan Blogger Award for today (no such thing but you should get it nonetheless).
    I’m off to check out your lovely blog.

  2. Oh, my, happy to find your blog! You two are so cute, the kitties, too. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by TPH!

  3. Yeah, shoes should be an art exhibit not a trip hazard.

  4. Love the china cabinet idea! If only I had room for one I would definitly do that! Here is what I did to organize the shoes in my closet….

  5. Im just so jealous you have that much closet space! we have shoes ALL over our house. Mainly my boyfriends. I’ve determined I should probably just set up a shoe basket in every room.

    PS- love the china cabinet/ shoe box idea!

  6. I would love to have a china cabinet for my shoes! And of course some new shoes to fill up the cabinet 🙂

  7. OK I love this idea! and I think I can make it work in my place too! 🙂

  8. This is such a great idea! I wish I had a good space to do this in, but we have small closets 😦

  9. I came across your site in the OCR article today. Great site and great ideas for organizing shoes,

    Women love shoes and need an organized way of storing them. I have designed a box for just.such a need. This “Patent Pending,, idea has a drop front opening (like a mailbox) that has a place for a picture that makes shoe finding a breeze.

    Space a problem? With these interlocking, stackable boxes void vertical areas between the floor and your clothes becomes usable. You will be surprised at how much more room you have and how organized your shoes look.

    With EazyFind there is no more falling boxes when trying to retrieve that special pair of shoes. Your shoes are easy to find and your boxes are easy to open.

    Check it out at The affordable solution for shoe lovers.

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