Just paint it all already!

Our stove is unplugged. Our refrigerator is in the middle of the kitchen. We cooked our dinner (salmon) in our trusty toaster oven.

Did you guess it? We’re finally painting the kitchen. Nothing exciting – the same light gray as our living room (Sherwin Williams Gray Screen; color-matched in Behr paint). We definitely still want to do our grand kitchen plan, but for now, we needed to paint our backsplash because builder white paint is UGLY and flat paint is not kind to kitchens.

We won’t stop with the kitchen. The house is not safe from us. We plan to paint all the unpainted rooms in the house in the following few weeks.

Here’s a general idea of what we are planning, with inspiration photos that I found on the ‘net (and a catalog) that helped us make final decisions! The inspiration photos only serve for COLOR ideas.

We haven’t made final paint color decisions on 2nd floor bathroom, laundry room, and exercise room. We will soon. (hope)

First day of The Paint The Vita House Mission (TPTVHM) completed yesterday and I’m already looking forward to when we finish. I wonder how long it’ll take us. Don’t forget – we go back to work in one week and two days. I wonder how much painting we can finish in nine days…

Inspiration pictures: 1. i suwannee 2. from a CB2 catalog. 3. If The Lamp Shade Fits 4. Houzz via From the Right Back


9 Responses

  1. Hi. Thanks for being the first linkup on my first ever blog party. I love your color palettes – lots of grey. Like the egg yolk yellow, too.

  2. Beautiful! Your color schemes are awesome together. Pictures, please!

  3. I love the color pallets for each room! I really dig the bright fun yellow and the greys….oh how I love grey! 🙂

  4. Yellow and gray is one of my favorite combos right now, so I’m crushing on your bathroom. Also like that deep purple for your bedroom. Your lucky your hubby will let you do it!

  5. […] I have no idea why the two photos here turned out this way, since our other photos of our horseback riding trip turned out fine. But I just find them so very cool and fascinating, so I think we’re going to print them out (with some editing to enhance color, perhaps) and frame them and put them up as wonky homemade art in our game room (planned color scheme: dark gray, green, teal)! […]

  6. […] family but when painting stripes, Nick is the champ), but it will be worth it. It will have yellow accents, so it looks good with our dining room and its yellow accent […]

  7. […] 30, 2010 Deciding the color schemes for most of our rooms were easy enough, except for the laundry […]

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