Colorful houses are fun to drive by on your way to work!

We have HOA in our neighborhood, so we don’t have colorful houses around. It’s all bricks or varying shades of tan/beige siding with some white limestone thrown in. Very exciting, I know… At least we have colorful and fun houses all around the downtown area of Austin, especially near the South Congress area.

I pass this house every day when we drive to work. And I admire it every day.

I love the gray (duh, have you seen our house?) and the navy blue and the white. It is just perfect.

Other colorful houses near South Congress:

Yellow and light blue, very cute combination…

Green and red. Could have been too christmasy, but it’s not.

I would love to meet the people living here. Bold, with an aqua/red color scheme!

I snapped these pics to hopefully help my mom and her hubby decide what colors to paint their new house. They decided on yellow, which would have been very cute, but then they just changed their minds and will paint it gray! I am THRILLED and I think I will visit way more often now that they are going with gray paint.

But, dang, they’re working on their exterior in this heat! My mom has a LOT more energy than me, I admire her!! But I will claw you if you say “oh I can’t wait for fall!” No matter how hot summer gets, summer is ALWAYS BETTER THAN FALL. It is also BETTER THAN WINTER. Spring is nice and all, but summer rocks.

We still have yet to find out if we’re even allowed to paint our front door a robin blue color


4 Responses

  1. Colorful houses are fun, but if I were to paint my house I would have to go with a neutral color. Perhaps gray with a bright yellow front door! 🙂

  2. Love those cute little colorful houses.

  3. I love fun painted houses! The yellow house with the turquoise trim around the windows is so cute!

    I love gray houses (lol, since ours is grey) if our shade of grey looked great with turquoise, I so would have painted our front door that color!

  4. What adorable houses! I always dream about a cute painted cottage.

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