Ducks as decor?

We need art in our house, desperately, but our wallets are empty. What to do? Check out thrift shops. No luck so far, but I loved this:

I just think this would be awesome. But Nick said NO. A very emphatic, passionate NO. He said he grew up with ducks in his childhood so he does not want to see a single duck in our house. Siggghh.

Am I crazy for really liking this? This would bring an eclectic feel to our living room and, spread out in four panels, cover the space of our long wall in the room. It is also textured, so we could spray it all one solid color and still see the picture’s texture. That could be cool… But nope.

More duck/bird-related art for Nick’s eyes as punishment for not letting me buy this:

via Etsy seller anagrampress

via Etsy seller FerntreeStudio

via Etsy seller berkleyillustration

I actually like the last picture a lot! That would be so cool in a little boy’s room.


8 Responses

  1. That last pic is cool!

  2. How funny. A ban on ducks.

  3. oh god forbid – I agree with nick – no ducks or anything relating.
    my grandmother had hen, my mom had duck/goose, dad like mallard. So, I completely understand nick, even tho I dont find them styling even. [i think its cuz we’re men?]

    lol, you have lot of other things to choose from, just keep away from animals!

  4. Please, no ducks. They just remind people of cabins and dirty water. Or maybe that is just me and Nick.

    • Ha! They remind me of my uncle… Can you say mallard duck wallpaper? And bedsheets. I just loved his room… I guess I associate ducks with ponds, my old home in Florida, and my uncle.

  5. I don’t think i’m a duck fan, lol but I do like owls! 🙂

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