Tents made of drop cloths in our house! Good times!

I, and you, and everyone who used to be a kid LOVED to drape sheets over furniture and play in the semidarkness. Everything was more exciting under the sheets. More mysterious. Dolls came alive. One even asked me to cut her hair. My mom didn’t like that.

Last week, we had our own makeshift “tent” around our kitchen and then our dining room when we were painting the ceilings. They were annoying to put up, but it was pretty cool walking around them. They’re all down now, but I kind of miss them.


Dining room

And I haven’t had one of my cats on this blog lately… so this gratuitous cat photo is overdue. If only this cat had opposable thumbs… I would put her to work.

It’s not even worth it showing you photos of the ceiling, all painted… the subtle difference doesn’t show up on photos. But, seriously, people, paint your ceilings! It makes a biggg difference and everything just looks more cohesive. We just painted the ceilings a light gray color, same as our living room and the walls in our kitchen, nothing flashy but it looks a million times better!


5 Responses

  1. Bagging the room, kitty seems to really like that Lil’ Giant, but someone needs to tell her not to step on the top rung. lol

  2. This brings back memories, if you get my drift??? =)

  3. […] 20. Painted our kitchen walls and ceiling and our dining room ceiling. […]

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