Mirrors look good on stripes. And on yellow walls.

Our first floor bathroom will have stripes. Light gray stripes with dark gray stripes. It is going to be a lot of work and Nick will complain a lot (I am usually the complainer in our mini-family AND extended family but when painting stripes, Nick is the champ), but it will be worth it. It will have yellow accents, so it looks good with our dining room and its yellow accent wall.

I saw this mirror at Lowe’s the other day and fell in love. Cool shape, cool price. Perfect combo.

I want. Paint it yellow. Put on walls with gray and white stripes.

Badly-Done Dramatization (just for fun):

Or would you prefer horizontal stripes?

We are not sure whether to go vertical or horizontal. It might all depend on your opinion, so tread carefully.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Please still be available in September. Pretty please?

More yellow/gray bathrooms (just because):

via Little Green Notebook

via Room Remix


11 Responses

  1. Wow! That is very creative! I like both! ox

  2. Do horizontal stripes. Are you sure you want to paint that mirror? It’s so nice black!

  3. It’s not really black, more like dark brown…

  4. I like the horizontal stripes!

  5. Alex and Alexa like vertical because it is more lilkey luxury bathroom! I do agree!! ox

  6. gorgeous! i love them both!! i think the vertical is super cool

  7. Great ideas! We painted accent striping in our bedroom for a rather large mirror and went with vertical stripes.

    If I may offer a tip: we used the U-Stripe It & Design striping tool and it made things MUCH easier. Here’s the tutorial we followed.

    Best of luck!

  8. Vertical looks more traditional to me, horizontal more modern. Funny how different they are while being almost the same.

  9. I have a mirror exactly like that! But in Gold. Found it at Neiman Marcus’ Last Call store. Orig price was $325, scored it for $58!

  10. […] But first, let me rewind to a month ago. I was all set on buying this mirror that I blathered on about in this post: […]

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