More stripes for our house is in order!

Deciding the color schemes for most of our rooms were easy enough, except for the laundry room.

Since we can see the laundry room and the office when chilling in the game room, we wanted the two rooms to mesh nicely color-wise. (Did that sentence make any sense?)

Should we paint the laundry room teal, the same as the office? Too much teal? If we painted it another color, would it look too clashing? We weren’t sure AT ALL until a lazy night of blog surfing led me to this:

via Pure and Lovely via Nesting Place

This is really, really beautiful! I showed it to Nick and we immediately said YES THAT IS THE SOLUTION.

We will have stripes in our first floor bathroom, so stripes of white and teal in the laundry room would be perfect and “coordinating” without overdoing it. At least, I hope. Since Nick has an aversion to painting stripes, we’ll do only the long wall on the left and do the other walls in whatever white/gray color we decide on.

The perfect layout for our laundry room would be something like this:

via (formerly known as Knock-Off Wood)

Two machines stacked up on each other = more room for folding space. But first, we will have to buy new washer/dryer machines in order to have this layout. That will take years, but it will be awesome once it’s all in.

It’ll be just the stripes for now. (now = one zillion months later)

4 Responses

  1. That is awesome!! ox

  2. I recognize that laundry room photo! I saw it on Knock-Off Wood, someone was showing off the benches they built for their laundry room. I’m pretty sure it’s the same one…

    I just surfed my way over to your blog, and will be visiting again. I bought a house a year ago and was going to start renovations this summer until knee surgery interrupted things. (It’ll be DIY all the way, and I can’t re-tile a floor when I can’t kneel!)

  3. Thank you, Mary, for the source info — Link added. Now I feel better! And thanks for visiting – hope your knee gets better after the surgery and you can get back to DIYing!

  4. […] the Restore, we looked for cabinets for our laundry room. This is what we […]

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