Weird Color Relationships.

Remember when I wondered how much of the house we could paint in two weeks? The answer: the ceilings in the dining room and the kitchen. That. Is. It. You bloggers who furnish and decorate your whole houses in one year put us to shame. But in our defense, during these two weeks we helped some friends move their furniture and 10,000 desks to their new house and we had to take three days off just to recuperate. Excuses, excuses.

But we aren’t giving up. We’ve put up paint color swatches up in our two bathrooms on the second floor.

We’re getting there. We want to test out one paint color at Benjamin Moore, but they are always closed so early. What gives? Then we’ll get paint samples and then… somehow, decide.

It’s interesting how different paint colors make the colors around them look different. You can see in the picture above that we had previously decided on a paint color (from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot) to test out and we didn’t like it. It was dull, for one thing, but it also made our white marble tub look pinkish.

I stumbled into this online (on wikipedia, where else):

Okay. See the squares A and B?

Different colors? Of course, obviously.

Nope. Same color.

Don’t believe me?

Even looking at the second picture, I still can’t get it through my thick skull that A and B are the same tone of gray! It is just tripping and I feel like the photo is lying to me.

So. That’s where we are with paint.

One last thing:

via Public School


6 Responses

  1. colors change depending on location, lighting and position… have fun with them because they make a place that much more special… have a great weekend!

  2. That color thing is freaky.

  3. I painted my bathroom FOUR times before finally liking the wall color in both day and night shades.

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